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Chaos Caverns

Sonic 2 Beta Title Screen


Megadrive/Genesis Prototype
Genre Action/Adventure
Release Dates

None (ROM discovered late 1998-early 1999)

# of Players 1
ESRB Rating None

What is Sonic 2 Beta?

Sonic 2 Beta is an early prototype version of Sonic 2.  It is now available on a ROM that is circulating around the net.  The original levels are there, but they have some bugs in them.  But the big feature in the Beta is that the lost levels of the game are in here and they can be played.  This page will cover those lost zones, plus the original zones and their differences.

Some differences to know:
>Many zones are unfinished/have no ending.
>Some unfinished zones cannot be played without debug.
>Some zones have no rings/power-up moniters/badniks.
>Some zones don't even have anything in them.  You just fall straight to the bottom and die.
>Sometimes ground is missing, and you can easily fall to your death, so watch your step!
>Sometimes Tails will act strangely.  You may go one way while he goes the opposite way, or he may just stand there and not follow you.  Be careful when he does stuff like this.  Read the one below for further explanation.
>If Tails is hit by a badnik, not only will he lose rings, but Sonic will lose rings too.  So quickly pick them back up!
>The zone titles aren't shown at the beginning of the stage.
>You don't get scored when you pass a stage.
>There are NO Star Posts in any zones, so if you die, you have to start all over from the beginning.
>When you look up or duck, the screen doesn't scroll up or down.
>Sonic's running style is different from the final version.  He also stops differently.
>There's only one boss in the entire game, and that boss is in Green/Emerald Hill Zone.
>Badniks return after you kill them.  So if you kill a badnik, walk away, then come back, it'll be there again.
>When you don't move Sonic for a while, he just taps his foot instead of laying down or looking at his watch.

Here are the zones in the Beta.

Green Hill | Chemical Plant | Neo Green Hill | Casino Night | Hill Top | Oil Ocean | Metropolis | Death Egg | Dust Hill

Hidden Palace | Wood Zone | Genocide City | Dust Hill

I DO have the Sonic 2 Beta ROM, but I cannot provide for download because of copyright restrictions.  Do NOT ask me where to get other roms, for they are highly ILLEGAL.  And unless you have the original game, you MUST delete the ROMS within 24 hours or you will be in great trouble.   If you want it, you'll have to search the net(mostly around secret-Sonic sites)to find it.

You also need an emulator to play the ROMS.  I recommend KGen98 and Genecyst.  They can take screenshots, KGen has Game Genie support, and Genecyst can record wav files and make save states.  Though I warn you, there may be a few problems with the emulators.  If there is any, contact their authors.   Go to to find an emulator that you want.

MSM's Review

It's a Beta version of one of the best Sonic games ever with lost levels and other good crap...what else can I say?

Rating: *****/*****