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Chaos Caverns

Sonic Labyrinth


Game Gear
Genre Puzzle
Release Dates Japan: November 17, 1995
November 1995
October 1995
# of Players 1
ESRB Rating K-A

In another vain attempt to slow our favorite blue hedgehog down, Robotnik invented a pair of boots that would slow down anyone that weared them.  One day, while Sonic was napping, one of Robotnik's badniks replaced Sonic sneakers with the boots.  When Sonic woke up, he put on the boots without notcing.  But when he tried to dash off, he could barely move!   Robotnik told him that only the power of Chaos Emeralds would allow him to take the sneakers off.  The Emeralds were hidden in Robotnik's Super Labyrinth, so armed with only a Spin Dash, Sonic set off to regain his speed.

Although I haven't played the game, I have learned of it's faults.  Since Sonic has no speed, you can only walk, which isn't very useful since you have to beat the clock.  So you have to Spin Dash all over the place, which only makes things worse.

There are four Labyrinths to explore.  Your objective in each of them is to find all the keys.

MSM's Review

I have yet to play this game.

Rating: ????