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Chaos Caverns

Sega Sonic Cosmo Galaxy Fighter Patrol

SegaSonic Cosmo Galaxy Fighter Patrol


Genre Action/Shooter
Release Dates

Japan: September 1991
Not released in the US or UK

# of Players 1
ESRB Rating ???

Another lost Japanese Sonic arcade game from the beginning of the Sonic era.  This was a sister game to Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car that came out around the same time as this game did.  The game played exactly like Waku Waku, only this time you controlled Sonic in a spaceship and guided him through the stars to defeat Eggman.

Little Japanese kids enjoyed playing this fun game with the controls on the "dashboard", as seen below.  The control stick was used to move Sonic around the screen, and the two buttons were used to change weapons and fire them.  The lever on the right that was labeled "Speed Up" did just that.

The Dashboard

Like Patrol Car, this was another Sonic game that was lost and forgotten, until a few months ago when people began to remember it.   Also like Patrol Car, it's very likely gone from all Japanese arcades by now, so rest in peace.

The inside of the spaceship.  Beam me up, Tails.

All pictures are from the Green Hill Zone.