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Chaos Caverns

Knuckles' Chaotix


Genre Action/Adventure
Release Dates Japan: April 21, 1995
March 1995
May 1995
# of Players 1-2
ESRB Rating K-A

The new amusement park on the Floating Island, named Carnival Island, is about ready to have its grand opening.   As the event draw closer, Knuckles' still has to continue his duties as guardian and make sure nothing goes wrong.  Robotnik learns about the park, and he also learns about the Power Emerald, which provides electricity in the park.  He decides to steal the emerald and use it to power his latest invention, the Combi Confiner. When Knuckles returns from patrolling the far side of the island, he finds that Robotnik has frozen all of his friends in the Combi Confiner, but by using Ring Power, he can rescue one friend at a time. It's now up to Knuckles and the Chaotix to stop the Eggman before Carnival Island's opening day.

Since this game was released on the now dead 32X, few have ever played this game.  There is a rumor that it will be released on Sonic Jam 2, but that's not what I need to talk about.  It has been said this would have been a good game if there weren't too many bugs in it.  Despite the bad parts, the game plays like any other Sonic game: run left or right, jump, spin, and gather rings.  The only difference is that you're connected to another character with a rubber band powered by rings.  This addition leads to countless mid-air manuvers where you toss your partner around like a crazy square dance.

The game introduces Knuckles' friends, the Chaotix, with each member having their own ability.  Knuckles has his glide and wall-climbing techniques.  Mighty Armadillo(whom was first seen in the rare SegaSonic the Hedgehog Arcade game) is the fastest, but his wall-jump move isn't helpful.  Espio Chameleon is slow, but his wall and ceiling walks come in handy.  Vector Crocodile is the slowest, but he has wider range attacks due to his size, and a wall-climb like Knuckles.  Finally, Charmy Bee can easily avoid enemy attacks with his small size, and has unlimited air time when flying.

There are six zones in the game.  Beat all them and Robotnik, and have Carnival Island open successfully!

MSM's Review

I have yet to play this game.

Rating: ????