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Chaos Caverns

Sonic Blast G Sonic


Game Gear



Release Dates Japan: December 13, 1996
USA: November 1996
UK: November 1996
# of Players 1
ESRB Rating K-A

Sonic was just relaxing one day when a floating island appeared in the sky, sporting a very familiar shape.  One look at the dome head and the moustache, and Sonic knew it was Robotnik with another plan to take over the planet!  After his plans of Flicky Island fell apart, Robotnik has built a floating weapon he calls The Silver Castle!  Knuckles comes by, and he and Sonic decide to join forces and stop Robotnik.  Robotnik gladly awaits them, just knowing they would fall into the traps he laid for them.

You can play as either Sonic or Knuckles(this is, by the way, the first and only Game Gear game that allows you to play Knuckles.  Sonic Drift 2 hardly counts).  There are five zones with two acts for you to explore.  Act three is the boss.

MSM's Review

I have yet to play this game.

Review: ????