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Chaos Caverns

Sonic the Hedgehog (ABC, USA) - Season 3 Revealed!

"WHAT?!  How can there be a third season when the show was cancelled after two?!"

There's a third season because it was in the planning stages when the crew wrapped up season 2, then it got cancelled. >=(

According to the great and powerful Ben Hurst, there was going to be major plot twists to the show.  From Snively to Robotnik surviving Doomsday to even the return of King Acorn!  Thanks to Sonic HQ for providing the following:

"Some time ago - Ben Hurst, writer of MANY of the SatAM second season epidodes came to the Sonic Mailinglist. One of the first questions he was asked? Who did the eyes belong, and what would the developments of the third season been. Here is part of what Ben had to say...

Well, first of all, the red eyes in the tunnel belonged to...IXIS NAUGUS! The same wizard that first appeared in "The Void"! Yes, not Knuckles or Metal Sonic, but Naugus. Anyway, Snively tries to retake control of Robotropolis, but ultimately fails. On the verge of losing it all to the Freedom Fighters, he turns to "The Void", where Naugus is busy torturing Robotnik (and having fun with it) ^__^. Snively frees Naugus, and in the process also frees Robotnik & King Acorn! Now, Naugus assumes control, and starts his new command by trying to lure Sally into capture with the King as bait. Robotnik becomes Naugus' lackey. And Snively, now reduced to a simpering nobody, defects to the Freedom Fighters.

Ben went on later to say that more developments would have come along between the relationship of Sonic and Tails, coming a little closer to the game relationship it strayed so far away from. Sooner on down the line in possible future episodes we would have learned of the origins of Robotnik and Snively, and also come to see a whole new ballgame for the FF's...

And THAT is what WOULD HAVE HAPPENED in the third season of the Sonic cartoon..."

It's too bad this season will never make it to the air.  The only way to see a third SatAM season is through fanfiction...