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Chaos Caverns

Sonic the Hedgehog (ABC, USA)

sthsat.jpg (21815 bytes)

Series Info

Orignal Airdate

ABC: September 1993 - mid-1995
USA: 1996-1997 (?)

# of Episodes




In Sonic the Hedgehog, which ran from 1993-1995 every Saturday morning on ABC, Sonic and his pals, the Freedom Fighters, were to follow and complete their goal: To overthrow the diabolical Dr. Robotnik and restore peace to the planet Mobius.  With the combination of action, adventure, suspence, mystery, drama, and romance, this became what is known now as the best Sonic cartoon of all time.

New characters were introduced to help Sonic and Tails fight Robotnik.  The new characters were Princess Sally Acorn, Roter Walrus, Antoine De'Coolette, Bunnie Rabbot, and Dulcy the Last Dragon, who made her debut in the show's second season.

The show (codenamed SatAM) is known to be the best out of all the Sonic cartoons.  It first began its run on ABC in 1993.  It ran until 1995, when ABC pulled the show.  Fans were furious at ABC for making such a decision, as the network was known not to keep a cartoon for more than two years.  Some blame the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which shared the same timeslot as SatAM and dominated the ratings.  But whatever the reason was, the show was cancelled, and never seen again, until...

Some time later (I think 1996 or 1997), the USA Network bought the rights to the show along with the AoStH series, and began airing both as part of their Cartoon Express line-up that aired weekday and weekend mornings.  But once again the show was dropped, taking the other series with it, and now it is lost in TV limbo...or so we think.  DiC (the company that made the show) has considered releasing the series on VHS and DVD for Sonic's 10th Anniversary.   While the decision is not final, many fans hope it is, so the show can be seen and enjoyed all over again.

While we await DiC's decision, here's info on the show's characters, all 26 episodes, and where to get all the episodes the RealVideo format.  As well as info on the lost third season of the show!


Episode Guide
Season 3 Revealed!
Where to Get RealVideo Episodes