My 1974 Chevrolet Nova

When I first purchased my 74' Nova it was a little granny 250 ci 6 cylinder car with low mileage of 39,000. In a little more than 4 years it has changed with over 3 other motors and is now a low 14 second car pushing about 400hp and just hit 99,000 miles the other day. Keep in mind I am running low 14's while spinning all through first gear and with a 2.73 open differential.

Original Specifications- Motor- 250 Cubic inch Inline 6 (Factory rated 100hp) Transmission- Turbohydramatic 350 (3spd auto) Body- Metallic brown 2 Door coupe Differential- 8.5" 10 bolt open with 2.73 gearing Wheels-14" steel wheels with Hubcaps Brakes- 4 Wheel manual drum brakes Interior- Beige, Bench seats, Factory am radio Options-Power steering and rear defrost
The first thing I changed on the car is I installed my Cd player and 2 6by9 speakers. A year went by with only changing tires and doing tuneup's, etc. Then I found a set z28 wheels froma junkyard for a good price. $125 scored me 5 wheels 4 with good rubber. The wheels were bronze which matched the brown paint on the car very well.