...The*Box Quiz : ...
...Which Old-Hollywood Movie Star Are You? ...


1. Seeing as you are a Movie Star, who will be playing "the young you" in the movie based on your life?

A. Catherine Zeta-Jones, but she'd have to dye her hair.
B. Kirsten Dunst, but she'd have to act more brooding.
C. Nicole Kidman, but she'd have to gain some weight.
D. Julia Roberts, but she'd have to keep her eyebrows raised throughout the film for effect.

2. And the older you?

A. No one.
B. Michelle Pfeiffer or Susan Sarandon.
C. I don't know, let someone else decide.
D. Goldie Hawn wants to play me, I hear.  Ha!

3. They're parodying you on Saturday Night Live again.  What do you do?

A. Cry.  Why would they do that?
B. Hide.  Not again!
C. Now, I know they wouldn't do that.  You must be joking.
D. Wave my cigarette around, call them obscene names and tell a lengthly anecdote about the last time they did that.

4. If this 80's singer knew me, she would love me.

A. Madonna
B. Stevie Nicks
C. Annie Lennox
D. Kim Carnes

5. So, how did you become such a big star?

A. Changed my name, dyed my hair.
B. Hooked up with a svengali, lost a ton of weight, did something about those eyebrows.
C. I'm foreign.  That usually helps.
D. I'm driven, darling.

6. And how did you further your career?

A. Married a famous athlete.
B. Acted my heart out.  And then I sort of kind of became a recluse.
C. That other actress hurt me and so I said terrible things about her to the media.
D. I did it the old-fashioned way - by screaming at all the young starlets until they cried.  That'll teach them!

7. Catchphrase?

A. Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
B. I want to be ... alone!
C. Something said with an accent.
D. Fasten your seatbelts!

8. And what will you be having to drink?

A. Everything you've got.
B. Giff me a vhisky.
C. Champagne, please.
D. I'll have a martini.

9. All you want is...
A. To be loved.
B. To be alone.
C. True happiness.
D. To be the boss, honey.

10. Hello!

A. Hi!
B. Goodbye.
C. Hello.
D. What are you lookin' at?

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