Media Sightings
Rolling stone, September 19, 02
~New Releases Article : Ryan Adams on his next album - "The Smiths are my favorite band, and making this album was like
making my own Louder than Bombs."
~Coldplay review : "The same influences are here - The Radiohead of the Bends and OK Computer, the U2 of October
and War, the Smiths of The Queen is Dead."

Rolling Stone, SEptember 2, 02
Interpol album review : "Pretty girls make graves, but pretty boys make bands. ...Like many other New York indie bands, these
well-dressed young men are bewitched by such classic British art...such as Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division, Ride and
the Smiths."

W, September 02
Article on Alex and Brittany Smith's singing career : Writer commented that "The Smiths" was unavailable for use as the name
of their band.

SPIN, Summer 02
"Viva Morrissey" : Article discussing Morrissey's popularity among LA's Latino teenagers

Kids in the Hall Reruns, Comedy Central
In one of the "Fran" skits, Dave Foley (as Fran's teenage son) is wearing a Smiths t-shirt.

JANE, October 02
Reviews section : "If you want to be thoroughly depressed, get Beck's new album.  He is so sad, he makes the Smiths sound
like Smash Mouth."

LOS ANGELES Times (Calender), September 8, 02
Interpol review : "...elements of Joy Division, the Cure and the Smiths seeming to wave as they pass by."

Interpol concert review :  "Frontman Paul Banks has mastered the Morrissey monotone."

ROLLING STONE, October 3, 03
T.A.T.U. review :  "On 200 Km/Hr, they gamely squeak over discofied hard-rockish beats and cover the Smiths' lonely-boy
anthem "How Soon Is Now."

MOJO, September 02
(surprise!) Interpol, MOJO Rising : "Among a host of inspirations (guitarist) Dan (Kessler) will admit to are The Smiths' Meat is
Murder and The Clash's London Calling..."

MOJO, September 02
Mentioned twice in "Time Machine : September 1984" :
"Sept. 15 : The Melody Maker announces "The Smiths in Moors Murder Row", a complaint about the lyric of the song "Suffer
Little Children" leading to the banning of The Smiths' recordings from several outlets."
"Sept. 25 : The Smiths begin a short tour of Wales in Cardiff."

Blender, Fall 02
Tony Hawk article : Includes a Smiths album in a list of his favorite albums.

Q, Fall 02
Features the Smiths and Morrissey in the Discography section.  "He was their gladioli-spouting principal boy..."