...The*Box Quiz : Why do Punks hate you? ...


1. My favorite band/singer is :

Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock or the Pretenders.
The Clash or the Sex Pistols
Dashboard Confessional, the Anniversary or the Get Up Kids
Madonna, Enrique Iglesias or Abba
No Doubt or Blink-182

2. My Favorite Actor is:

SFreddie Prinze Jr.
Jimmy Fallon
Ewan McGregor
Adam Sandler
Matthew Lillard

3. My favorite actress is:

Julia Roberts
Reese Witherspoon
Asia Argento
Mena Suvari
Mandy Moore

4. If I were famous, the magazine cover I would most likely land on is :

US, in an interview
Rolling Stone

5. My hair...

Is shaggy.
Is dyed.
Is really cute.
Is in the style that will be totally big next year.
Is long and super-straight.

6. And my hair color...

Is the natural color.
Is streaked lighter.
Is dyed black or a bright color or is streaked darker.
Is dyed lighter than my natural color.
Has been dyed several colors but I think I prefer the natural one.

7. When I watch 'Friends', I most identify with:

I don't identify with any of them; they're all losers.

8. I would most likely watch :

VH1 classic
MTV series

9. If I had grown up in the 50's, I would most resemble :

Ricky Nelson
Little Ricky from I Love Lucy
The main guy on Happy Days, played by Ron Howard.  What was the character's name again?

10. Word Association : Blink-182

Music's ok, the lyrics are dreadful!
I love them!
Screw Blink-182!
I'm sure they're very nice as people, but their music isn't my favorite.
The Word Association...now how can I join that?

Now, sorry about the inconvenience; the cgi server is not working - Look back at your answers and match them to the chart below.  Count up your points, then click the link under the chart to see your results.

1.  a. 4  b. 5  c. 3  d. 1  e. 2
2.  a. 1  b. 3  c. 5  d. 4  e. 2
3.  a. 3  b. 4  c. 5  d. 2  e. 1
4.  a. 1  b. 2  c. 3  d. 4  e. 5
5.  a. 3  b. 5  c. 2  d. 4  e. 1
6.  a. 3  b. 2  c. 5  d. 1  e. 4
7.  a. 1  b. 3  c. 5  d. 4  e. 2
8.  a. 5  b. 4  c. 2  d. 1  e. 3
9.  a. 5  b. 4  c. 2  d. 1  e. 3
10. a. 3  b. 2  c. 5  d. 4  e. 1

I wanna be g-raded!