... the*box quiz : ...
...which 80's/new wave band are you? ...

please count up the letters of your answers as you go along.

1. If you could have lived in any decade, which one would it be?
a. the 30s
b. the 50s
c. the 60s
d. the 70s
e. the future?
f. the 90s

2. No one would ever say I am...
a. hyper
b. modest
c. ugly
d. quiet
e. dumb
f. normal

3. Antisocial?
a. maybe a little.
b. is the pope catholic?
c. nope.
d. only around people i don't like.
e. not by choice...
f. i'm the life of the party!

4. Now for that age-old question : Britney or Christina?
a. why do you ask?
b. christina has the better voice.
c. britney is more fun.
d. christina - she's not as much of a 'good-girl' type.
e. and who are they...?
f. britney...take a wild guess as to why.

5. The Smiths or the Cure?
a. The Smiths speak to my tortured teenage soul.
b. The Smiths, of course!
c. The Cure!
d. They're both great.
e. and who are they...?
f. i think i used to beat up Smiths and Cure fans back in high school...

6. My favorite game show :
a. The Weakest Link.
b. Supermarket Sweep!
c. Wheel of Fortune
d. Street Smarts.
e. Jeopardy.
f. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!

7. In terms of makeup, the most important product is...
a. concealer
b. eyeshadow
c. lipstick
d. lip balm/gloss
e. i wouldn't know - i'm a guy.
f. eyeshadow, blush...more blush...

8. I wish I were named :
a. Ian
b. Stephen
c. Debbie
d. Chrissie
e. Mark
f. Somethin' weird, like Buster or Homer or Toyota.

9. Why did the chicken cross the road?
a. To get run over by any vehicle possible.
b. To get run over by a double-decker bus.
c. To go to the local disco.
d. To get cited for jaywalking.
e. To get to the other side?
f. To make Tipper Gore mad.

10. Like the quiz?
a. It was a waste of time.
b. I don't feel comfortable saying.
c. It was totally fun, yeah.
d. No.  It sucked!
e. Not really.
f. Dude, it RAWKED!

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