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the *fell to earth*
guide to naming pop
(divided by genre)
First of all, how would you describe yourself or your band?

1.Angsty-but-EarnestFemale Singer-Songwriter
Title should be : 1 word long, usually an adjective.
Who it worked for : Avril Lavigne (Complicated), Michelle Branch (Everywhere), Jann Arden (Insensitive), Alanis Morissette (Uninvited, Ironic).

2. Britpop Band
Title should be : 1 word long, usually a noun.
Who it worked for : Coldplay (Clocks, Trouble), Travis (Side).

3. Respected but Over-Dramatic Band
Title should be : 5 or 8 words long, usually sounds either depressing or vaguely uplifting.
Who it worked for : The Smiths (There is a Light that Never Goes Out, The Boy w/ the Thorn in his Side), Pink Floyd (Another Brick in the Wall, The Show Must Go On).

4. Teen Pop Star
Title should be : 5 words or longer, often an entire clause, possibly rather trite-sounding.
Who it worked for : Britney Spears (Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman; From the Bottom of my Broken Heart; Born to Make You Happy; I'm a Slave 4 U, Oops, I Did it Again; What it's Like to be Me; I Will Still Love You).

5. Band With Early In-Fighting
Title should be : Anything that mentions drugs.
Who it worked for : Velvet Underground (Heroin), Fleetwood Mac (Gold Dust Woman), Rolling Stones (Sister Morphine).

6. Heavily Made-Up Male Band or Singer
Title should be : Anything that includes the words "boy", "rock and roll", "queen" or "star".
Who it worked for : T-Rex (20th Century Boy), Kiss (I Wanna rock and Roll All Night), David Bowie (Rock and Roll Suicide, Starman, Queen Bitch), Queen (Killer Queen).

7. R & B Singer
Title should be : Anything that uses numbers or letters to replace entire words.
Who it worked for : Prince (just about every song he ever did), B2K (Gots 2 Be).

8. Country Rock
Title should : Involve dancing in at least one instance, include at least one contraction.
Who it worked for : Don Henley (All She Wants to do is Dance), Steve Miller Band (several, or at least a few), Fleetwood Mac (That's Alright, Don't Stop), Tom Petty (Don't Do Me Like That, Too Much Ain't Enough, Don't Come Around Here No More)

9. Neo - Garage
Title should be : 2 words long, in the verb-then-adjective or adjective- then-noun format.
Who it worked for : The Strokes (Last Nite, Barely Legal), The Hives (Main Offender), the Vines (Get Free).

Thanked.  Or, Thanks. Or, Thank You for your Valuable Time.  Or, Thanks a Bunch, oh Baby, oh Baby.  Or, Thanks, Pass the Drinks.  Or, Thank you Love, Rock and Roll.  Or Thank U 4 Ur Time.  Or, Thanks, It Ain't Nothing, Now Let's Dance.  Or Get Thanked.  But you know what I mean.