... the*box quiz : ...
...Which Kids In the Hall Office Lady are You?...

1.  Favorite Kid in the Hall :

A. Mark McKinney
B. Dave Foley
C. Scott Thompson
D. Bruce McCulloch
E. Kevin McDonald

2. Group Hug!

A. Does that include me this time?
B. Um, bye.
C. Sounds like fun.
D. Wow, I'm so excited!
E. Great!

3.  And Cheesecake!

A. Yay!
B. No, no.
C. No thanks, I'm watching my weight.
D. Ohhhhhh, no thaaaaanks.
E. I don't know...maybe...

4. My Hair is :

A. Long and curly.
B. Long and red.
C. Straight and blond.
D. Short and curly.
E. Dark.

5. On Weekends, I...

A. Work at my "other job".
B. Avoid people.
C. Party!
D. See a movie, eat out.  You know.
E. Go somewhere with a friend.

6. What do you say to the temp?

A. I am the temp!
B. Temp!
C. Temp-slut!
D. Temp-thief!
E. I don't know her well enough to judge.

7. You've been fired.  What do you do?

A. Photocopy your...resume.
B. Steal supplies, of course.
C. Gain 6 pounds.  Or 10.
D. Find another job exactly like this one.
E. It's no big deal, I'm never at work anyway.

8. I bear a striking resemblance to...

A. That guy on Saturday Night Live.
B. My boss/teacher.
C. Buddy Cole.
D. The new pop diva everone's talking about.
E. Kevin McDonald.

9. And how are you today?

A. I feel kind of unloved.
B. Shut up and go away.
C. Wonderful!
D. A little jumpy, but thats, okay, thanks.
E. Great, thanks for asking!

10. They switched the coffee to decaf!  What do you do?

A. Ask everyone why this is.
B. I was the one who switched it.  Bwahaha.
C. Fall asleep.
D. Cease to have my wits about me.
E. Scream in agony.

Who am I?  I got mostly...