...The*Box Quiz : Which Band Member Are You? ...
...Fleetwood Mac version ...

1. So, how do you feel about birds?

I totally love birds.
They're nice, I suppose.
My favorite bird is a penguin.  I once rented a giant penguin.  Good times.
I guess there's nothing wrong with them.
Why do you care?  Mind your own business.

2. Growing up, my role model was:

The lead guitarist in my band.
The guy at the zoo who took care of the penguins.
I didn't need one, thank you.
Janis Joplin.
My brother.

3. I am...

A guy, and a very guylike one at that.
A woman ... taken by the wind.
A girl.
A guy ... was it my hairstyle that made you uncertain?
Well, that's a stupid question if I ever heard one.

4. If I were famous, the magazine cover I would most likely land on is :

A tabloid.  They'd have a field day with my life.
Spin or Blender.
A guitar magazine.
Vogue or Rolling Stone.

5. My hair...

Is really sort of boring.
Is long and in the popular style.
Is quite big and frizzy, so I keep it short.
Is quite big or long and curly but I like it that way, so I take the time to manage it.
Is starting to leave me. *sob*

6. And my hair color...

Is medium brown.
Is dark brown.
Is blond.  And should be spelled 'colour'.
Is brown.  And did I mention how long it is?
Is red this week, but in the near future could possibly be blonde, silver, green, brown or any combination of the aforementioned colors.

7. When I watch 'Friends', I most identify with:

Monica, or Rachel.
Phoebe, she's the only sane one in the bunch.
Joey.  How you doin'?

8. In my CD player is :

A blues CD or something from the 80s.
The Eagles or TLC or a soundtrack.
The Clash or Nirvana
Something foreign.
Well, Fleetwood Mac or course!

9. Pick Your Composer:

Chopin, or maybe Tchaikovsky.
Haydn, he rawked!
Let's see...which of the above liked penguins...

10. This was such a good music movie:

We don't have a VCR on my boat.
24-hour Party People
Oh, don't make me think of one now...
The Country Bears!  Awww...
Almost Famous

11. Height:

Kind of average.
Really, really abnormally tall.  You've never met anyone quite as tall as me.
Slightly below average, or maybe I'm average and I just hang out with tall guys.
Short, but I wear big shoes to make up for it.
Slightly above average.

12. So what can I do for you?

Lend me some money.
Stop making me go on tour with you.
Stand back.  Seriously.
You can go your own way, go your own way.
Get me something to drink and listen to me talk about penguins.

Now, sorry about the inconvenience; the cgi server is not working - Look back at your answers and match them to the chart below.  Count up your points, then click the link under the chart to see your results.

1.  a. 1  b. 5  c. 2  d. 4  e. 3
2.  a. 4  b. 2  c. 5  d. 1  e. 3
3.  a. 2  b. 1  c. 5  d. 3  e. 4
4.  a. 4  b. 3  c. 2  d. 1  e. 5
5.  a. 2  b. 5  c. 3  d. 1  e. 4
6.  a. 2  b. 3  c. 5  d. 4  e. 1
7.  a. 4  b. 2  c. 5  d. 1  e. 3
8.  a. 5  b. 1  c. 3  d. 4  e. 2
9.  a. 5  b. 1  c. 3  d. 4  e. 2
10. a. 2  b. 3  c. 5  d. 1  e. 4
11. a. 3  b. 4  c. 2  d. 1  e. 5
12. a. 4  b. 5  c. 1  d. 3  e. 2

Don't stop, go see your results