::fell to earth::                                               american idol
Ryan Starr,Jim Verraros
Now, why did everyone have something to say about whether Justin and Kelly were dating, when they could have been speculating about Jim and Ryan?  Don't answer that.
Also:  Ryan's real name is Tiffany.   Just to let everyone know.

Ejay Day
It was obviously that hat that made him lose.  No one likes a guy who wears a bad hat.
Also:  Now Ejay's all "glamrock."  Well.

AJ Gil
Have you heard?  He's working on demos with "hot producers." :p

RJ Helton
oO  Did we all see the dance?

Christina Christian
She's working for the tv guide channel now.  I find that funny. :)

Tamyra Gray
Why didn't she make it to the final three?  She should have.  You know what they say, 'stupid people shouldn't be allowed to vote.'  They don't say that?

Nikki McKibbin
Well of course she was never going to win.  Not after she forgot the "oooooooooooooh, ayayayayayayayayaya" line in "Edge of Seventeen".

Justin Guarini
Have you noticed that now he talks exactly like Michael Jackson in his tv interviews?  I had no idea there were still people who want to have anything in common with him.

Kelly Clarkson
I actually called in and voted for her; oh, the shame.

Home, That's right Brian.  Hahaha.