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~tHe WoRld oF KobEkObE~

Okaaay.....So this is my first attempt at creating a real website~ U'll have to bear with this lame crappy page till i get my dreamweaver up and running so until then...this will have to do~!

Update 11/6/03
man..just handed in my second folio..really am exhausted! didn't sleep last night...30hrs awake doing my folio..anyway..its done now!
On another site is gg to make way for a new one coming soon...maybe some of u guys have seen it already..anyway it's in the works..heheh~ gd luck to all of y'all havin' exams!

Update 05/6/03
it's june how time flies..exams drawing closer and closer..but also..holidays coming soon! Its been nice lately, don't know why but feeling much much happier than i have been before..did the LOTR test on the Nikster's page..haha..think i got Arwen as well but i didn't paste the html on my page cos i was too lazy.. has been progressing okay..well..not too many worries on my mind now! haha..boiled some ginseng soup just now to drink cos was kinda lethargic today..really worked! boosted my concentration the whole of tonight..its about 4 something am now and i'm still quite awake :) Tryin to save $$$ lately..been cooking everyday (yes, COOKING :P ) haha..been successful at losing some weight..(cos i'm exercising, not becos my cooking is THAT bad)haha..but its been quite relaxing even though like everyone is so into studying lately..doing stuff at really crazy times..(speaking of which, i just returned from the arcade lol) sleep at 5-6 and wake up at 11 or so..haha so messed up rite! no wonder i havent grown any since sec 1. Played ball with my friend yesterday too..losing my was RUBBISH. haha..gotta get back in shape! Been calling some frens back in s'pore lately too! haha..really enjoyed catching up with u guys..see ya back there soon ya! meantime..take care all! :)

Caught this beautiful rainbow from my window...

Here are the pics of 4 Endurance..haha..memories huh? Enjoy~! -kobekobe

4 Endurance~!

Kel and ZhiHeng sending me at airport

THE EYE (chiwai :) )

Update 26/5/03
Gosh!! my folio is due TOMORROW!! haha..have so much work to do..its gonna be an insanely stressful month ahead! still have..well..2 assignments this week on top of the folio..a test and 1 assignment due next week..another folio due the week after..and exams in 3 weeks!! NOOOOOOOO~!
hahaha...oh well! Just gotta work hard and pray harder i guess! it's been a pretty eventful week..didn't go for cell group and prayer meet cos had a flu and fever (not SARS though) from sleepness nights trying to get an assignment done that i handed in on friday. The weekend was much appreciated, no doubt, cos i had a ROCKIN' good time! haha..watched a movie-Phone Booth. Pretty good, and we also played loads of ass-whuppin' games! Tore up all the arcades and LAN shops..haha..some warcraft custom maps..generals..and warcraft3: FROZEN THRONE!! i finally played it! haha..i sound so excited but i didnt think it was really good..just same-o same-o like the vanilla w3. Nothing to shout about despite all the hoo ha it caused..heheh~ Anyway, one of my friends was tellin' me over lunch about him going back to s'pore in july during our hols..i never gave going back in july much thought..(not that i didnt want to go bk)but when he brought it only made me wanna go back more...haha..wanna eat stuff like chicken rice, hokkien mee..mmmm...yum..and hang with all of my sg friends! I was supposed to work in July here in melbourne but well...who knows..but i cant decide though...not yet anyway..gotta concentrate on this month first!!

Update 21/5/03
Hello~! yesyes...i have been neglecting my page..sigh..haha..sorry! just..well, a combination of too many things to do and a gazillion things on my mind lately..First and foremost..i wanna say..UNI is BORING. haha..well...cos there's too much work to do! I have moved to a new apartment now if ur un-informed..its pretty nice..but how come no visitors!? JiaZheng! Davin! Yazid! Harrison! M4~! what about our plan 2 years ago huh!? WHAT ABOUT IT!? hahaha..guess i'm missin' my frens in s'pore huh? if anyone comes to melbourne for hols or whatever..PLEASE contact me. i'm reachable at and my icq number is 156770711. I know u guys in poly are having hols now so no excuse! haha..yeah i am a bit unreasonable here cos its expensive and all so i understand that bit. but it would be nice though! especially if i get my licence by then..(i WILL get it soon) then i can rent a car and we can go on a road trip! gosh..sounds fun already! haha...well anyway..look out for more updates on this page in near future as i have abandoned my flash mx self-lessons cos i just cant be bothered anymore!!!
haha...ciaoz pple~ seeu next time!

Update 7/4/03
Hey all! Haven't been updating my page, finally got down to doing it. i think i wont be updating over the next month or so until i have some inspiration and motivation so...wait lah (not like anyone reads what i type on this page)Anyway, its been awhile since you guys have seen me. Really miss you all n take care!


~kOb3+KoBe'S OVERCLOCKED BlAcK b0x :P~
p4 2Ghz @ 2.4Ghz
Mitsubishi Diamondview 17" LCD monitor (16ms refresh)
Asus P4G8X intel7205 Granite Bay Chipset chipset
512 PC3500(!)Kingston HyperX DDR RAM
seagate barracuda 60GB@7200rpm
Sony 16x dvd, 40x10x24 cdrw
Geforce4 Ti4200 128mb 8x AGP w/ DVI-out
8(!) usb 2.0 ports
onboard lan
Sound Blaster Extigy, creative inspire 5.1 speakers
Logitech Elite Keyboard
Microsoft optical mouse
Everglide Giganta Pro Gaming Surface mousepad
Custom black casing, perspex window
voice-activated(!) steel blue fluorescent cathode
3DMARK 2001SE score: 10,633!

Inside: Thermaltake Volcano 7+, Arctic Silver 3.0 thermal grease, 3 Coolermaster LED transparent casefans, round Coolermaster IDE cables..

OhMeGosh~! Almost half ayear since i last updated my very SCARCELY( in the words of nik himself~) web page. Crunchy has done a great job his first web page and both nik and mingen have done smashing pages to entertain the avid oh-so-bored net surfer. I sincerely apologise for the entensive neglect cast on my incredibly mediocre page, but my com here got stolen i i never really never got back into web page editing...until now~ haha...look out for more to come in about half a month's time..(having exams) See Ya~!

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