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Well, here's where all the miscellanious stuff goes(did i spell that right~?) Here you find a comprehensive collection of the things or rather,"stuff", that i like or have an interest in... Check em' out~!

Kyoko Fukada

aahhh....I absolutely adore Kyoko Fukada.... Just can't get enough of her...Actually, this is just one of 1046 photos i have of her but i had to choose one that was small enough to be put on this page. Just looking at her is enough to lift up my spirits..aahhh..

Vince Carter

My dads' fave player. Star of the Toronto Raptors in the NBA. Kobe's biggest rival in terms of fan popularity because both are electrifying players on the hardwood. Difference is, Kobe's got a more polished all round game while Vince is better known for his incredible hops and sick dunks that make the highlight reel every single night.

Michael Jordan: The Third Chapter

Now that this fella's back, vince and kobe aren't really in the spotlight as much anymore. Returning to the game at age 38, MJ can stll take over games and light it up from all over the floor. Just about everyone wants to see if his playoff predictions will come true this season. I, for one thing though, can't wait to see his ass kicked by either kobe or vince when they meet in the playoffs...if he makes it.

above is the coveted "air walk" dunk by MJ...this was in the 1987 slam dunk contest...(Kobe was only a kiddo then~)


What can i say~? I just love all things basketball...

I'm a BIG fan of the Final Fantasy anthology...I've played the game from FFIV (on the super nintendo~) all the way till FF10...(on the ps2~)..and i've loved every single moment of it~! Really really good..not to mention moving...beautiful graphics...great sound...ROCKING SOUNDTRACK~! (ya gotta get the soundtrack...any FF~! its da bomb~!:D)

More Coming Up SOON~!