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"Pain is weakness leaving the body" - Alonzo Mourning
2 time defensive player of the year, on his work ethic


  The miracle of friendster- October 30, 2003

ahhh..the laziness of all humankind..

yes yes..haven't done much to this site in a looooong while..heheh. gosh, i haven't even done much to my blog lately! and why? all cos' of this really crap site that no one goes to. Should be banned man this site. Real disgrace. Ruin people only. This site is none other than the (in)famous FRIENDSTER.COM on which pobably the whole of singapore can be found. All ah beng's ah lians..even ah peks can be found there. =P Damn. Who isn't into friendster?

  My tagboard has moved!- September 1, 2003

tag me pleasse!

I've moved the tagboard to my blog just to let ya'll know, please tag me!

  The BLOG is done!- August 14, 2003

blog blog blog~

i've finally added a blog to my it feels *kinda* more complete~! My blog is at blog spot, and it's url is well, thats where all the everyday bullshit will be going, so, if you want to hear someone rant on like some deluded fool, be my guest! hahaha.. :)

  Yes..yes~ The long overdue update!- August 2, 2003

Okay~! Okay~! I've updated it~!

Haha...really apologise to 4 Endurance people on my long overdue overhaul of my mediocre attempt of a website~ In actual fact though, you guys are just after the gallery right?? So that you can see your own photos right?! ahahaha~ * esp. since we have a photoshoot cover model gracing the camera lens (kElviN~?) *

Anyway, to cut all the crap short, here it is~ In all its brazened unblemished glory! Enjoy people~! :)

I am trying to complete the whole gallery thingy~ I should have done the links by now too..and i WILL add a blog of some sort!!

  More news on World of kobekobe's NEW site! - June 19, 2003

Now some of you guys may already have seen this layout if you've clicked on the 'about me' section recently..haha~ yes, it was part of my project to completely redo my webpage..many sections may be closed off to accomadate new ones and well, please bear with the broken links and shabby stuff till' I get them rectified! well, hope everyone likes the new layout! :)

The San Antonio Spurs won the NBA championship with a 4-2 routing of the Nets..haha~ Don't really care who wins..cos' it's not the Lakers!

Btw, I actually got 74/100 for my assignments! yeah~! H2B! Thank God! haha..but man, missed H2A by ONE measly mark! How retarded! :P

  World of kobekobe's NEW site is released!- June 5, 2003

The unofficial *ahem* website of kobekobe is now up and running! haha...was initially contemplating setting up a blog @ but oh well..took to creating a whole new one! Nuthing better to do..haha! Anyway, i hope everyone enjoys the new layout and design cos i spent quite some time peering through html to get this done right!

On another note, the exams are just around the corner as i am typing this so it would probably be over once this site is ACTUALLY launched.. :P haha..hope that i will do well cos i really eked out my time to do this...

Btw, the NBA finals are currently in progress as i speak/ lakers though but you may want to click here to check out the official website for all the latest news and updates.


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