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CJC 1T05 Jan-March

1T05...the class i was in from january to march 2002 in cjc. Some of us took econs,maths c,geog, while some took lit,maths c,geog, and a certain flirt took lit,maths c,econs. There'll be photos coming along soon once nik has got em' done(thanks to nik's digital cam) Here's a brief look at the pple in my class...

Teresa Tan
Cute girl who's quite friendly and as constant as the northern star.. a target of a certain flirt who is often seen in her vicinity~

Charmaine Chua
Charmander==>A guitar-playing,econs-loving,lame-joke telling pokemon who's quite funny at times(what a great definition~!)

Pamela Devan
Nice person~ Makes great cookies~ Hates taking photographs~ Huge eyes~ Nuff' said~

Razinah Begum
Has the uncanny ablility to say the most unexpected things that are really funny~ Known affectionately to M4 as 'Ruzzy'

Reina Cai Ke Qi
A friendly easy-going girl who does not like to tuck in her shirt- a quality also shared by myself~

Chen Xue Na
Real quiet girl but i guess she is a very nice person under that quiet exterior!

Radiah Zainal
Was in the same OG as me... A very sociable person who's not afraid to got through with her ideas~

Cheryl Low
Hmmm...I don't really know her very well but my brief encounters with her tell me she's a kind, helpful person

Joanna Soh Shu Ping
Friendly girl who is also the chinese rep in our class. Although i'm the so-called assistant rep, she does (almost all) the work~

A nice girl with a great smile that she flashes often. One of THE most friendly people i've met~

Ursula Laura Tan
She sings~ She dances~ She's Laura~! *ted ten net~!*

Dyana Azman
An incredibly friendly person who's outgoing and posseses THE most beautiful handwriting i've seen~ (damn~ i'm envious~!)

Angel Lee
As on Ming En's webbie, a die hard Larc~En~Ciel fan who likes most things Japanese~ Often heard saying *ikimashio~!*

Tan Li Leng
Loves irritating our chinese teacher~ A very nice person~ Constantly talks about her 'dear dear' and adores her xiao bai~

Vanessa Cheryl Woo
Our HTC, often seen with Li Leng and Samantha. In fact, ALWAYS seen with Li Leng and Samantha~!

Samantha Wee
Nice girl enpowered with sleeping & slacking skills comparable to Ming En's. Also his rival in handphone usage~

Nikhil Hogan
Barker Boy. 10 yrs single sex school. Raging hormones. Wants 16 kids. Member of M4. (see below)

Leong Ming En
Real good at drawing, slacking and sleeping~ Notorious for nodding off during lectures~ Member of M4~(see below)

Wang Jia Zheng/Ong Kar Zheng
Real cool (crunchy) hairstyle~ Hates pple to touch his hair~ Prefers to be known as Jia Zheng~ Member of M4(see below)

Jonathan Lee
Seemingly quiet guy in class~ M4 may beg to differ~ (me? quiet? Oh PUHLEESE~!) Member of M4 as well~!(see below)

M4: The Beginning

M4 was spawned from the bonding of unbridled manlihood when 4 kindred spirits clashed on that fated day in class 1t05. Out of the ashes, they by one...
First, there was Nik, born of eurasian parentage, he was bestowed with the face of the greatest bollywood actor and the gift of winning over the hearts of the fair maidens that dared allow him to look at their rears. He had a lust for the maidens whom he deemed "cute", "hot" and "foxy" and would stop at nothing to unleash his God given charm upon them, an action condemned by his mates as "flirting". Hence, Nik is since known as Flirty.

Then, there was Ming En, the seemingly cheerful, energetic guy who had the gift of drawing anything he desired. However, Ming En had a dark secret...once he was well tucked away within the bowels of the lecture theater, Ming En's instincts would kick in. His eyes would have the weight of a thousand uncle phays and his head would slowly nod downwards before jerking up again. This would continue until a)the lecture was over or b)he would give in to his inner demons and let loose his fury upon the poor souls around him(snoring+gross drooling)-he would simply rest his brain-case upon his scrawny arms and whisk away into another world, leaving others only to wonder how much sleep this poor kid had the night before. Hence, Ming En is since known as K.O. (knocked out)

We have Kar Zheng next,or his preferred name,Jia Zheng. Jia Zheng, having endured years upon years of torture of being deemed an 'arse'(understand hokkien?),literally,when people read out his name...he eventually developed into the entity known as "CRUNCHY". Apparently, Jia Zheng had channeled the collective essence of the teasing and negativity about his name, and on one fated night,he let it all out....into his hair.His hair turned a bleached copper, but, more than that, the texture became that of solid rock~! After countless experiments on his wire-like rock solid hair, scientists have confirmed that a strand of his hair only broke when it was made to support the weight of a thousand uncle phays, and when it did, it gave out a sound that shook the very earth beneath them. CRUNCH~! Henceforth, Jia Zheng is since known as Crunchy.

Finally we have i'm not going to elaborate on how i became T.K., u'll find that soon on the main M4 page. (partly is because i dont agree with the nick as well~) I'll have to leave that bit for the rest of M4 to tell~!