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My Basketball Section~!


Okaaay~ Now why would i want to put up a whole section on bball? Well, it seems i have absolutely nothing else to do at home other than sitting and home and gaze blankly at the wall... So i decided to come up with a bball section similar in some way to nik's karate section~

Now..why basketball? I guess it is evident that i am some kind of bball freak for those of you out there who know me better....Otherwise, just peek the other sections of this webbie and u'll see what i mean~ I have been playing bball for about more than 5 years now and i wouldn't yet say i'm damn pro~ (in the words of nik less~) but at least i'm definitely no average baller either (muz gif me some face mah~! :P)

In this section of my webbie, i'll post a few pics of my favourite plays and players, introduce you to the type of ball i play ( doubt~) and of course....pen down my..uh...*mastery* (yeah~rite =P) of bball...Well, it'll all be up in a are just some of the things that i'll be posting up here~!

Streetball-Moves, playas, most of all..And 1 mix tape~
My top 50 Dunkers of all time~!(wow..thats a lot~)
In-depth articles and opinions on certain players~! Competitive ballin' (not street stuff~)
Dunking~!(yup~ a whole section on that! my favourite part of bball no doubt~! ok maybe not...winning's better...=D)