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  4 Endurance

Welcome to the 4 endurance page!! Here i shall try to recall whatever happened during my brief yet astoundingly enjoyable year as a part of secondary 4 Endurance. A really wild year that was!!

Now, secondary 4 endurance was actually a carryover from secondary 3 endurance. SO, i guess i should be including both years as part of my UPPER secondary (haven't heard THAT term in years...) education. As i said, that year was a really wild year. Got to know so many new people in that class. Although i know that many people were also from my sec 2 class, (2e?) , but i wasn't particularly sociable in secondary one and two and always stuck around with the same few people. Now, who was from the same sec 2 class? Hmmm.. Jassy, JunJie, Eileen, Jasper, Chi Wai, Aswin, Ann, Yung sen?, Melvin?(i can't really remember), Siok kuan, Hui Bao?, Pei Wen, Hui Min..

I remember i first sat next to chiwai in sec 3, then peiwen in sec 4. I remember how i used to sleep during class, how i neglected everything mrs. pow said, how we always *forget* to do a maths homework, and *refer* to someone else's , usually chiwai's or zhiheng's.And P.E. lesson! My favourite cos' we would either play soccer or basketball. I usually played basketball *duh~* with Zhiheng, jasper ,jeremy, yonghui and sometimes yufeng. I remember when i first dunked! It was during P.E. lesson with jeremy and yonghui. That feeling was absolutely the best! From then on, all P.E. lessons became dunking clinics. :C)
Can't really seem to remember all our teacher's names though..let's see..who taught us what? No, more importantly, what were their *other* teaching roles? are our teachers in sec 3 and 4..

Mrs. Teo Huei Huey - Chemistry & form teacher, infinite patience woman

'Miss'(most of the time) Lam Tze Kim - Chinese and feisty moral support

Mr.Yong Chit Chow - Physics & disobedience *lol* (not like we ever listened to him...)

Miss Marilyn Ang - English and absolute hell (no,serious~)

Miss Anne Kang - Geography..& how to end every sentence with 'alrite?'

Mr.Tan Bak Seng - Physics and copying from ohp AFTER he was done speaking

Mr. Ramesh - P.E. and well, abolutely nothing. Come to think of it..he did NOTHING!

Mr. Sim Han Guan - P.E. according to the rules..pian xin to bball players :P

Mrs Pow Kim Meng - Maths..and how to have ur body become 'S' shape from side view..

Mr. Joshua Sing(h) - Civics & Moral Edu..(vaguely remember him EVER teaching us..)

Hmmm..I would suppose those were all the teachers that have taught us invaluable *ahem* lessons over the years..I may have forgot some 4E people please feel free to tell me and I will add whoever's missing! Yes..and please check out the new 4Endurance Gallery!



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