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    Up-Dates April 29,2003

    Oh my goodness everybody I finally got to meet Jim on Sunday April 27,2003! It was sooooo much fun at the mall show thing. Also there was Charles Grigsby(I think thats how you spell it) and RJ Helton. Cuz like first when I got to the mall my friend and I went to eat some Mc Donalds but then we came back and saw that Charles was taking pics and giving autographs but i didnt want to move from my spot but then i was looking around and i saw the top of Jimís hair from far away and i knew for a fact that it was him and i had people telling me it wasnt him but i took off cuz i wanted a pic with him so me and my friend took a pic with him.But gosh if you have a chance to go to the mall show thing I really think all of you should go cuz you get to see the way Jim is and he is so hilarious. He had me laughin all the time he cracked a joke. And between like times when it got quite my friend and I yelled "We Love You Jim!" And he would be like thank you I love you too. It was so awesome. And something the guys did was like judge contestants and Jim is a really good judge. Like just the way he says things its really good. I think he should take the place of Simon, if you ask me. But people like Simon. Oh yea and I finally got a personalized autograph and I asked him for a hug and woo who he gave me one. I was so happy cuz the whole show was soooooooooo good!!!!!!! But then when it was time for them to go. Well of course I didnt want them to. Becuz they are all seriously great guys that you can hang around with and have a really great time with. Well thank you for reading this really great experience of mine. And maybe you will have one but it will be even better. So if you do make sure you post it. Oh yea when I get my pics developed Ill share them with everyone.
    Laterz, Sarah

    cliCK heRE tO joIN jiM'S offiCIAL newsletTER!

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