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  • Name: Jim Conrad Verraros
    Age: 19
    B-Day:February 8th,1983
    Birth Place: Crystal Lake, Il
    School: Crystal Lake South High School & c/o '01
    Hair Color: Brown & Orangy
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 6"00
    Siblings: one sister who is 17 yrs.
    Fav. Song:"Trust A Try" by Janet Jackson
    Fav. Drink: Water with lemons
    Fav. Food: Salads...Chicken anything like that
    Fav. Movie: Clueless
    Fav. Tv Shows: N/A
    Fav. Color: Hunter Green
    Fav. Artists: Janet Jackson, John Mayer, Brandy,Britney, *Nsync,and Natalie Burge
    Fav. #: N/A


    Jim sang-"Easy" and "When I Fall In Love"

    A quote from Jim to all of us!

    "You should pick him to be our American Idol because he's a real person, he's real in the sense that, not everything is going right in his life, but you should pick him because hes gotten this far just by one audition and everyone else has a dream too to sing to dance to perform only to have one chance to go to one audition and you can end up there, so any one whose got a dream he thinks you can do it you can live it up just like he has."

    First Concert - Smashing Pumpkins

    Last Concert - Rubyhorse at the House of Blues

    Album Your Friends Would Be Surprised You Own - The Verve Pipe

    What's In Your CD Player Right Now - A mix, actually. It's got Daft Punk, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Alanis Morrisette, Pink and Britney on it.

    Why Do You Want To Be An AMERICAN IDOL - Because I want the other aspiring singers/actors/dancers to know that it's very possible for someone who's had a dream all of their lives to make it in the business.

    Most Embarrassing Moment - We were putting on a little swing concert for our parents. So me and my partner decided to go for the gold and do the flip. Well, my hands were totally in the wrong places and she ended up on her butt on the floor in front of EVERYONE.

    Favorite Judge? Why? - I'd have to say it would be Paula Abdul. She's been nothing but supportive of EVERYONE in this competition and maintains a certain professionalism about her.
    Least Favorite Judge? Why? - You have to keep thinking that they're honest and they do know what they're talking about.

    Anything You Would Not Change To Become The American Idol - Ask me to stop hanging out with my friends or being close with my family? You've got another thing coming.

    What are you going to call your first CD? - So You Say

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