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Hopefully I'll add more soon

i'm a dork.

to jamjam's new site

Hey!!! Sneak Peak at my new site that I'm making (although this one is already new enough.. bah)... just go to, and it should work :D

... Oy but its not. So I got another one. The server of the old one just went down forever so I kinda started another one, although hopefully there are completely no ads on this one (yeah right).. anywho go to, I just used some stuff from that other page, although some of it wasn't saved :P bah.. Anywho take a look

Hey welcome to jamjam's new page!!! Hopefully I'll add a whole bunch of new stuff really really soon hehe... anywho for now enjoy yourselves, have fun, and yeah stuff like that... oh and visit my old page, it has a bit more stuff than this one but we should fix that soon!!! lol
So again, I moved hosts... whats this, five times now? bah if someone knows a really good host, please email me, it's just getting really annoying... lol and now it's really annoying, I want to put in frames, but yet theres the banner ads and the pop up ads which are annoying lol... bah

Anywho yeah so hopefully I'll actually have content on this page soon, such as this nifty tagboard :D

My imood: The current mood of at
im craving: oreo cookies

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