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Molecule Man!


Ok my book inspired me for the pic.. lol just incase you didn't already know hehe...
Howdy :D Whats up people? Man do I like talking to myself lol.. Anywho I am really getting the use of the frames and whatnot, so hopefully soon I'll put up the site. I need an image though, and I can't find anything to put on, let alone the fact that I only have paint to edit it with (although I love paint lol).
Anywho Footloose is tommorrow, and I'm really excited. I think Ive caught the craze hehe.. I think its going to rock my socks, hopefully :D
Anywho I'm going to make this short and sweet, because I've been on the computer forever trying to make this new site, which still sucks. I can't use the tag board because when I put in the html, it completely screws up and yeah the html goes outside the html edit box thingy.. Ranting I know I am... lol
Anywho thats it I guess, this new site better rock hehe.... I'm just pretty much trying to find out how it works and whatnot. Random word: Fudge                              --moleculeman

Man the internet is really down today... so I guess no updating for today :( bah. Anywho yeah I have a whole bunch of ideas for the site, but because the net is down (maybe I broke it again), its going to be a while. S'okey by me.
Great day. Lovely weather. Its raining, but with an awe of sun just enough to let the snow melt. Grand. Nobody showed up for school today because of footloose, so it was amusing to see the teachers teach the classes. So far today I watched two movies, slept in one class, and played a board game on Julius Caesar. Woo :D
Yeah so I was going to make this short and sweet, but it seems long again. One of my ideas is to just have one of these a week, and the weeks exceeded. So I'll fix this soon lol.
Anywho I think thats todays overview. I'm out of black ink, so todays random word: REFILL                              --Janet

Hey guys whats up lol? Ok. So, I guess you've heard by now, I'm trying to move hosts. Again. Bah its so frustrating. I'm trying to put in frames, but everything I find has either a big huge banner ad at the top of the page (bah) or a pop up ad, which i find totally annoying. So I found this site, which host stuff, no banner ad, but one pop up ad when you first visit the site. Which is grand. I'm so happy. It has a long url though, but I also found this redirect site which makes, which is very handy to remember for most people, and there are completely no ads for that.
Anywho I am so freaking tired. We slept over to holly's house last night, and we were like "whats that faint glow on the horizon" when we were about to fall asleep. Oh crap thats the sun. lol. Anywho about twenty movies later here I am, my sister has two of her four gigantic papers that are due in the next week over with, and she gets to work tonight, which means I get the computer (yay finally...)
Anywho like I said i'm finally realizing how html works. The tables are easy and shit. Yay so happy. And I did it on my own. Take that erica hehe...
Yeah I'm ranting, what are you going to do. and this box is way too small. I guess when I get this new site set up it wont b too long before I get it set up lol. This new site with the one pop up ad takes three hours until you can actually do anything with it. So here I am waiting lol.
Ok so now I gotta fly again, dad just made me a chicken burger (mmmm meat). I feel so sick from the chips last night but so far I havent puked. lol. Anywho yeah hopefully this box will become bigger soon, thats all I have to say. li. Anywho again, l8r t8rs :) Random Word: Hologram                              --daneto

Sooo, what's up people? I'm beginning to think that this little tiny box is a bit too small for my rants, so I'm going to go fish some more 'codes' out of my hat, so expect this page to have a huge overhaul (hopefully) int the next few days. Oh and I added a 'splash' page, sounded good to me, so I changed the links around, but if they don't work, just email me, and I'll fix it.
Anywho, my mom is acting a bit more sane, so hopefully I'll be able to do something the weekend.. (get me out of this house!!!) ... anywho yeah she is really driving me nuts. Oh and the pic on the splash page is supposively me, lol, I made it myself, and the little music notes represent the jamin side to me (lol)... people claim thats what my name must mean.. its not derived from a cookie, nooo...
So I guess thats it for now, ranting is soo much fun. So ciao again. Random word: stick                              --janet

Oh yeah, sorry lol, I forgot to tell you that the weather was shagged up today, it was raining, and then it was sunny. In chem though, it was soo beautiful, you know the opening scene in the Simpsons when the clouds break through for the title, right? The sky was exactly like that when I looked through the window. So perdy. Anywho just haad to let you know lol                              --janet again

Bah i just wrote this and my computer shagged up.. bah... anywho yeah my mom is going crazy and i cant stand it, i had a great day besides that, and i just got another shot, thats the just of what the other entry just said.. damn i shouldve saved it lol.. .anywho yeah lovely day outside too. bah i like the rain and snow, the sun brings ~shutter~ flys and bees out.. anywho gotta go again, random word for today: paper clip... too words none the less but screw u hippy...                              --jamjam

Hey again :D what's up guys? So yeah I added an adopt moleculeman project, so if you have your own page, please put him on, but make sure u link; I really don't have many people coming here lol.... I was thinking on making 'the story of moleculeman' page or something so other people can know about him, and making other things adoptable, like canola oil and fat friend and whatnot... sounds like fun lol
Anywho yeah so today not much went on; so yeah theres not much to talk about... I figure as this blog goes on the entries will get smaller and smaller hehe.. random word for today: worthy                              --jamjam 032403
Hey again; I was thinking on maybe making a picture for the blog a week and save the images or vote for them later or something... sounds like fun to me lol. Anywho I'm going to add the blog to the links now, as soon as I create a title out of blocks for it, so you should be reading this soon :D
Man our furnace almost blew up today... hehe i was on the computer, and it started making this racket... "dad? ummm is something making a noise downstairs?" he comes out and it sounds like its going to go boom... lol but it's okay now.. very interesting, just had to tell you hehe
So I guess that's it again now; l8r t8rs :P                              --jamjam

Hey everyone, what's up? So I'm trying to create a blog, hopefully it'll work, I dunno. Anywho here goes, lol why not? Doing it in pure HTML, so don't mind me being crazy hehe... Anywho again, expect updates here, hopefully I'll do that hehe :D                               --Love jamjam

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