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Amy's Wonderful Little Page

Hi I'm Amy. I want to congratulate the 2002 Hot Dog Cup Tournament Winners, Cal-Mum U12 Gold Division Girls Soccer Team! The team was: Jessica Brown (goalie), Ashley Cummings, Leia Hanna, Kristen Waters, Caitlin McCabe (fullbacks), Christina Harmon, Pudgy Allen, Taylor Farone, Jenny Baker, Ashley Swede, Stephanie Bleier (midfielders), Emily Kovatch, Bailey McCombs, Amy Stephenson, Melissa Miles, Jane Schweicler, Kristen Hume, Lisa Bonnlander, Chelsea Shaw, and Kayla Sickles (front line). Our first game was vs. Chili 7 and we tied 1-1. The second game was vs. Chili 6 and we won 3-0. The third game was vs. Scottsville and we won 6-1. The final game was against Chili 7 again and we won 2-0. Congratulations to us! Okay, please check out my website. Sign my guestbook and check out some of the various links you can go to. If you have any quotes go click on the word "Quotes" and click on add your own. You can type your quote in there. Also, if you would like to read about someone going into 7th grade at Cal-Mum click on their name. If the person you are trying to find out about is not listed, either 1. click on "more" because there are more names. or 2. their name is not up yet because I haven't interviewed them yet, but I will soon. Check back here frequently, okay, and sign my guestbook! Thanks! ;)! PS Please go to "The Journal Of Amy" to see my online journal. If you have an online journal e-mail me and I will put it on my web page! Thank you!
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