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~*~1959 Vespa Allstate~*~

((Owner: Scott. Bought in Winter `02 for $900. Engine: Here are the specs so far: -Stroked polini p225 w/ 60mm conrod and thick aluminum base plate under cylinder. -Port matched cases (intake and transfer ports). -Head reprofiled by Al at HRS. -Enlarged and polished exhaust port. -Cut and polished crank. -Polished conrod. -28mm Dellorto phbh carb -Malossi intake, insides polished (still need to machine this intake down about 5mm to sink carb low enough to run a side cowl). -23t Cosa clutch -T5 4th gear -Expansion pipe, of course. -12V electronic ignition with european non-battery stator conversion. -Full Bitubo suspension. Top Speed: Fuckin Fast.))

^New Engine^

^Cut Crank^

^Swiss Cheese^