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~Philadelphia's Hostil City Rally 2002~

((July 5-6-7: By Mark and Scott))

~Befor we hit Philadelphia, Scott and I left two days earlier for drinking and fireworks at Watkens Glen. Here are pix in the order they happened, starting with the Glen and ending with Philadelphia. After Philli, we went to Larry's Hut in NYC, no pix from that.~

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*There are alot of pix, it may take a bit to load, hang in there, its worth it*

^Scott and about $1,200 in fireworks, not to mention $200 in beer^

^2000 strip of firecrackers, oh yah^

^4 kids and that much alcohol, yah, it was fun^

^We had to fix my baby along the way, it says "Fuck Dealerships".....^

^What do you expect, its not ment to haul all that shit up a huge hill.^

^In Philli, this is where we hung out^

^Like any good scooter, they break, both Scott and mine broke a day or two befor the rally^

^Chelse from scooters O^

^Now, its time to start the party^

^And start we did, thanks Chelse...^

^...and Jay?^


^Just showing us what he learned in school^

^Larry..., I don't know, I did'nt take this..^

^What better to do when drunk than burn out?!^

^..monkey see monkey do..^

^The hole Stan made in the road^

^The hole Stan made in his tire^

^If you were mine....^

^....I would never hurt you^

^Scott and chris from florida got board, so they blew up a trash can, and the fuzz and fire department came to put it out^

^How else to end the night than with a trafic cone for a beer bong?^

^We saw the starboys on the way to NYC, Yup, 80mph on one wheel^

^We've got a long trip home, what to do to pass the time...ah yah....^