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~*~PVSC Band camp: One for the thumb `04 ~*~

((June 18-20 By: Mark, Scott, and Ross))

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^Ready to go...^

^Our site^

^Hey, is that Marko's?^

^Adam playing the Yager Yack. Rules:....^

^...drink Iron beer...^

^...first, one can...^

^...Then, spin on bat 10 times...^

^...fall, get up, run through 10 tires, ride your scooter through figure eight course, get off scooter, run back through the tires, spin 10 times on bat again and finaly, drink one more Iron beer. Oh, and it's timed.^

^the Mad hatter game^

^Now, the kiddie pool drag, argg, we lost...^

^LOL, believe it or not, that hog lost to a Bajaj later in the night!..^

^Then Larry gets dragged in...^