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~*~Dave `02~*~

((Aug 16-18 By: Mark and Scott))

((The Pix look crappy because I had to make them load faster, but it still may take some time, so hang in there))

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^Hotel Lafayette^

^Amy showing us how its done^

^Saturday morning we went for a ride around beautiful buffalo, stopped for gas on Allen^

^Stopping at Buffalo Harbor to smell the dead fish^

^We then moved over to Caz park, where we had dogs and Beer^

^Half way through our ride, we ran into a Black Pride parade, yay...^

^At buffalo harbor, people from a wedding came, we asked if they wanted to pose on a scooter for fun, little did they know, we just wanted a shot of the scooter^

^Wow, they are hot.^

^"What, people having a good time, we can't have that"^

^MMM...dead fish^

^This looked like MOK..but we were drunk..^

^Once we got Scott all liquored up, we dared him to eat potted meat...^

^Silly drunk..^


^Now everyone's drunk, so we take a shopping cart in the Hotel and have fun..^

^Ever notice its always jay that does these things?^

^TORO..Whats with the cups?^

^When a shopping cart just won't do, a bed with wheels will^

^Awww, we don't want to go home^