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When Kelly was eight years old my ex and I were looking for something to get her into for the summer. The city were we live had a little league softball program for girls 8-12 yrs old. I had encouraged (sometimes probably too much) both of our kids to play sports especially baseball, my great love. Since Kelly knew the basics of how to play ball it seemed like a good idea to sign her up. That was the start of my coaching career, I was never the head coach on any of her teams but I always assisted.

Kelly was pretty fortunate and her teams always did pretty well, usually finishing in 1st or 2nd place, it was the start of her trophy collection. She was also fortunate to be with the same group of girls for most of her years, so they had the opportunity to grow and develope together. Which they did and that was one of the most gratifying parts of coaching, getting to see each of the girls grow in capability and especially in confidence.

The pictures shown below were taken after Kelly had finished playing Little League Softball. She was playing on a Park & Rec team, she was 13 then.