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When she was 15 Kelly's best friend decided to take karate lessons and she wanted Kelly to start with her, she did even though she had no real interest. It was an introductory package where the kids got a uniform and lessons for a couple of months until they reached the second level (yellow belt). At the end of the two months Kelly's friend had completely lost interest in the program and had quit, but Kelly was hooked, she loved it.

Kelly continued with her instruction and was doing so well her mom signed her up for the black belt program. She worked her way to the brown belt level, three levels from her black belt. She was doing well enough that she started helping instruct other students and she continued doing this while she completed her instruction. So when she tested for and got her balck belt she was fortunate enough to have a job waiting for her as a karate instructor.

She has continued working as an instructor and has become the director of a school and earned her second degree black belt. The scholl she works for is opening a new school and she will get that school and she will probably test for her third degree black belt late this year or early next year. At the bottom of the page I have put a link to the "National Karate Schools" and when she is ready I'll make a home page for her school.


National Karate Schools