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So who the heck is this Dick Deasy guy anyway?

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Welcome to my home page. I use the flags on the left of my home page to denote that I am a proud American of Irish and German ancestory. I'm very proud of my heritage but, I'm an American above all else. Like most people, I have varied interests I like to travel, I love to golf, I love camping and canoeing, and I love all kinds of music. I am currently back in school, for the umpteenth time, this time I'm looking at getting a degree in software engineering. I guess I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up (if I grow up). I'm also trying to become a bit of a cigar afficianado as I search for the perfect cigar (at least one that meets my fickled tastes). Of couse I'm still trying improve my golf game, which has plenty of room for improvement.

My dad was a career army office when I was born so my family moved a lot, about every three years, not too bad when your're really young but not a lot of fun as you get older. I was born in the beautiful city of Regensburg, Germany in Bavaria. Regensburg is the fourth largest city in Bavaria with a population of 141,000 and is located on the Danube river. The picture below is of the cathedral in Regensburg.

Click on the picture if you wish to visit the Regensburg home page, then click your browser's back button to return here. My family left Germany when I was less than a year old and we moved back to the United States. I started school in Tokoyo, Japan at a school on the Army base where my dad was stationed. Over the years we travelled across the US quite a bit and in 1959 my dad was stationed in San Francisco where he retired from the military. We stayed in San Francisco since that is where both of my parents were born. I graduated from high school in 1968 and went into the Army late that year and started to travel around the world on my own. I took my basic training at Fort Ord near Monterey, California (the post no longer exists). My advanced training was at Fort Devens which was about thirty (30) miles out of Boston,Ma. Then I was stationed in centeral Germany for about two years after which I was stationed in Augsburg, Germany not too far from where I was born.

I'm divorced with to really great grown children, my daughter Kelly who is 24 and my son Adam who is 21. The kids are my pride and joy, Kelly is the director of a karate school and really loves working with the young kids and they adore her. Adam has been working two jobs for about the last year but, he is down to just his job as a night manager at a local hotel. He is looking for a 9 to 5 Mon throught Fri job so he can start to get a social life. He and his sister just moved into an apartment together, and things seem to be going well for now. I hope it goes well for them, they could teach each other a lot if they give it a chance.