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about retrogirl

I live in the south eastern United States and I recently attend highschool. I have been working at the Museum of Life and Science for 5 years. I have an overweight cat named Spooky, i.e. "the baby cow". On warm afternoons I like to go down to the river or to a park to sketch people and trees. I like to play the African drum (Djembe). I like photography and I love to paint. I want to go to art school when I graduate. More than anything in the world, I would like to travel. I want to see western American, Europe, India, Japan, and South America.

fave authors: Henry Miller, Aldous Huxley, Kurt Vonnegut, and Amy Bloom. favorite books: Tropic of Cancer, My Date with Satan, Siddartha, Skepticism Inc., and A Clockwork Orange. Fave movies: Wayne's World, Momento, Dancer in the Dark. i luv luv luv independent films. fave music: Bjork, Fiona Apple, Radiohead, Dan Bern, Portishead, Hooverphonic