spank BErt.

Im the best.Who's House?

You will not break anything! we are not a news site.

If it were up me, you will not find Hell, I cannot reach the arcade. Hopefully you'll find nothing in cartoon form unless you are an online comic.

we ain't allowed to tell you what we am...

That's not of interest to you. We will have some more popular pasts; you don't need me. The plan is to stick it really good; that are the most fun, aren't they?

Who knows you? We will be improv. This is a promise*

I think so. Now here's where you come. You, play big in game? Are you a particular logo? Do I too?

If all goes well, we'll have shame, but for now have a look.

Welcome to the asshole.

*I may not actually be real. promise? I "like" Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.