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We would like to introduce you to Florida Land Trader. Florida Land Trader is a new publication with a targeted audience and its sole purpose is offering land, Acreage and the like to perspective buyers. We are able to accomplish this by putting our publication directly into the hands of builders, contractors, and construction companies. In addition Florida Land Trader is available to the public through our distribution network in retail outlets, direct mail, direct email and downloadable from the web in full color (using PDF format). This unique distribution has the ability to put your advertisement directly into the hands of those who are interested in purchasing your property.
To introduce you to Florida Land Trader we would like to extend to you this FREE offer, UNLIMITED TEXT ADS – TOTALLY FREE – without any continuing obligation. These are not your standard print ads and not a diluted version of our regular ads. We feel that these ads are the best value around even at full price. Every ad includes up to 250 words, up to three contact sources (not included in your 250 word count) and unlimited bold type. In addition if you use a web address or email as any of you contact sources our direct email and web download version present these sources as links for instant response.
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