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On this totally renewed web site of Elvis Europe.
As you can see, we have doing a great renovation and it was about time to do so.
After we moved (necessary and needed) we can say we surprice you with a whole bunch of novelty's.
This man has change the world The menu is completely renewed and the pages of the CD collections are shorter observance the download time of a standard phonemodem.
The startpage is replaced by a beautiful entrance, and of course we have updated this site with FOUR more pages.
Naturally, this site needs to get more chances on other pages to, and we promise to do this in a short time.
Normaly you can read all this information on our EE-news page, but we thought let us place this news right on the front.
Also let us try to get Elvis Europe a little more interactive instead of passive.
We try naturally to do this not at the expense of the visitor who use a regular phonemodem
We wish you a lot of surfing, look and listning pleasure and hope to see you soon back at my pages.

With best regards, Peter.

You bring another smile into my heart with number:

Since July 15, 1999

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