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Cigar Box Purses, Handbags & Keepsake Boxes

Last Update: January 31, 2003
Next Update: March 1, 2003

CIGAR BOX PURSES are unique fashion statements sure to evoke conversation anywhere you go! Be the only lady at the club or bar, with the latest fashion accessory trend that is a man magnet! These smokin’ purses will express your taste for distinctive finishing touches. A cigar box purse is a must have for shy ladies and single women. Cigar Box Purses are men magnets! What type of man do you think would recognize a cigar box? An excellent icebreaker at socials, parties, business gatherings, bars, clubs, and of course, cigar bars. The cigar box purses, with beaded handles or corded shoulder straps, are especially stunning with formal or semi-formal evening wear! Our unique wedding handbags are hot items and don't remain available more than two day! The popularity of cigar box purses exploded after being seen on Sex and the City, and Britney Spears, as well as numerous other celebrities, began to carry these sexy accessories.

All Cigar Box Purses created by Dymond Designs are handcrafted from authentic wooden cigar boxes, some of which are paper covered. Cigar Boxes are collectors’ items. Each cigar box is cleaned, the outside coated with at least two (usually three) coats of a glossy varnish. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth! Any fragile hardware is replaced. Most of our purses are lined with luxurious black velvet, and all purses have a beautiful beveled-edge mirror. Real bamboo handles are utilized, as well as beaded handles and corded shoulder straps. Each cigar box is unique with its own imperfections that add personality. Dymond Design tries to maintain the originality of each cigar box, while subtly enhancing it for a feminine, sexy, sophisticated and functional fashion statement.

We create wood cigar box handbags with magnificent wood tones, suede cigar box handbags, decoupage cigar box purses, cruise/beach cigar box handbags, evening cigar box handbags, and evening cigar box purses with corded shoulder straps. Most of our cigar box purses are one-of-a-kind, however, a few styles are limited editions. Limited editions are limited to 10 similar pieces, but never identical. Something will always be unique about your purse! Multiple orders of the identical item are not available. These purses are durable, wearable, and water resistant works of art! Each handbag is as unique, as the lady who carries it!

Two years ago, cigar box purses could only be found in specialty boutiques in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Miami for $200 or more with unfinished backs, and $300 or more with covered backs. A cigar box purse is a great gift for a girlfriend. Cigar Box containers are great gifts for male and female friends to store keepsakes or small items such as jewelry, remote controls, change/coins and smoking products. Sorry, Dymond Designs does not sell cigars or other smoking supplies. All cigar box containers have a removable black velvet lining in the bottom. Mirrors, handles and straps are not included on cigar box containers.

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