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Complete Songlist By Artist S-T

Never Had A Dream Come True	               S Club 7
Listen To Our Hearts	                       S.C. Chapman
It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day	               S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M.
It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day(C&C Vocal House)    S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M.
You Know My Name(Street Tracks)	               S.P.M.
Peace(Nu-Mix)	                               Sabrina Johnson
By Your Side	                               Sade
By Your Side(Ben Watt Remix)	               Sade
By Your Side(Neptunes Mix)	               Sade
By Your Side(Reggae Mix)	               Sade
Cherish The Day	                               Sade
Hang On To Your Love	                       Sade
Is It A Crime	                               Sade
Jezebel	                                       Sade
Keep Looking	                               Sade
Kiss Of Life	                               Sade
Lover's Rock	                               Sade
Never As Good As The First Time	               Sade
Nothing Can Come Between Us	               Sade
Ordinary Love	                               Sade
Paradise	                               Sade
Smooth Operator	                               Sade
Smooth Operator(Extended Smooth Jazz)	       Sade
Sweetest Taboo	                               Sade
Why Can't We Live Together	               Sade
Your Love Is King	                       Sade
Wipe Out(INST)	                               Safaris, The
Can You Stand The Rain	                       Safire FEAT Cynthia
Played-A-Live(The Bongo Song)-Radio Edit       Safri Duo
Love Is On The Way	                       Saigon Kick
Let's Talk About Sex	                       Salt n Pepa
Let's Talk About Sex(Original Recipe Mix)      Salt n Pepa
Push It	                                       Salt n Pepa
Push It '99(Klubbheads Remix)	               Salt n Pepa
Push It(Ultimix)	                       Salt n Pepa
Shoop	                                       Salt n Pepa
Shoop(Ghetto Lab Full Rub Mix)	               Salt n Pepa
Hold On I'm Comin'	                       Sam & Dave
Soul Man	                               Sam & Dave
When Something Is Wrong With My Baby	       Sam & Dave
Send Me Some Lovin'	                       Sam Cooke
Twistin' The Night Away	                       Sam Cooke
You Send Me	                               Sam Cooke
Wild Thing	                               Sam Kinison
It's On Tonight	                               Sam Salter
Once My Sh*t	                               Sam Salter
Touch Me	                               Samantha Fox
Touch Me(Blue Mix)	                       Samantha Fox
Baby Come Over	                               Samantha Mumba
Don't Need You To(Tell Me I'm Pretty)	       Samantha Mumba
Gotta Tell You Something	               Samantha Mumba
Gotta Tell You(Sleeze Sisters Remix)	       Samantha Mumba
Emotion	                                       Samantha Sang
Help Me Make It Through The Night	       Sammi Smith
Candy Man	                               Sammy Davis jr
Chevy Van	                               Sammy Johns
So You Like What You See	               Samuelle
Feel Like Singin'(Def Classic Radio Edit)      Sandy B
Make The World Go Round	                       Sandy B
Make The World Go Round(Deep Dish 12")	       Sandy B
Smoke From A Distant Fire	               Sanford Townsend Band
Africa Bamba	                               Santana
Aqua Marine(INST)	                       Santana
Black Magic Woman	                       Santana
Da Le Yaleo	                               Santana
El Parol	                               Santana
Everybody's Everything	                       Santana
Everything's Coming Our Way	               Santana
Evil Ways	                               Santana
Hope Your Feeling Better	               Santana
Jingo	                                       Santana
Maria Maria	                               Santana
Maria Maria(INST)	                       Santana
Maria Maria(Pumpin' Dolls Club Mix)	       Santana
Maria Maria(Pumpin' Dolls Edit)	               Santana
Maria Maria(Wyclef Remix)	               Santana
Migra	                                       Santana
Moonflower(INST)	                       Santana
Oya Coma Va	                               Santana
Persuasion	                               Santana
Primavera	                               Santana
Samba Pa Ti(INST)	                       Santana
Se A Cabo	                               Santana
Smooth	                                       Santana
Smooth(Club)	                               Santana
Them Changes	                               Santana & Buddy Miles 
Love Of My Life	                               Santana & Dave Matthews 
Wishing It Was	                               Santana & Eagle Eye Cherry
Calling	                                       Santana & Eric Clapton
Put Your Lights On	                       Santana & Everlast
Do You Like The Way	                       Santana & Lauren Hill
Corazon	                                       Santana & Mana
Angel	                                       Sarah McLaughlin
Building A Mystery	                       Sarah McLaughlin
Possession	                               Sarah McLaughlin
Just About Enough	                       Sarina Paris
I Knew I Loved You	                       Savage Garden
Truly Madly Deeply 	                       Savage Garden
Goodbye To You	                               Scandal
Because Of You (Fatboy Slim Remix)	       Scanty Sandwich
Because Of You (Original)	               Scanty Sandwich
This One	                               Scanty Sandwich
Mary Jane(2000 Remix)	                       Scarface
Scatman	                                       Scatman John
Scatman(Third Level Mix)	               Scatman John
No One Like You	                               Scorpions
Rock You Like A Hurricane	               Scorpions
Zoo	                                       Scorpions
All You Give Me Is the Blues	               Scott Holt
Crosstown Traffic	                       Scott Holt
Dark of The Night	                       Scott Holt
Dimples	                                       Scott Holt
Five Women	                               Scott Holt
I Believe To My Soul	                       Scott Holt
Right Place Wrong Time	                       Scott Holt
Train In Vain(Stand By Me)	               Scott Holt
You Gotta Serve Somebody	               Scott Holt
Feel Like Breakin' Up Somebody's Home	       Scott Holt & Buddy Guy
Entertainer(INST)	                       Scott Joplin
Best Thing Ever	                               Scritti Politti
Boom There She Was	                       Scritti Politti
Backwoods Travelin'	                       SCW
Father Speaks	                               SCW
Good Time	                               SCW
Gypsy Lullaby	                               SCW
Hello From Venus	                       SCW
I Dreamed	                               SCW
I Found Love	                               SCW
Jami(INST)	                               SCW
Leave Your Pride(At The Front Door)	       SCW
Let It Flow	                               SCW
Magnolia	                               SCW
Majestic	                               SCW
Messengers Lament	                       SCW
More Than I Could Take	                       SCW
Moses Brown	                               SCW
Ride The Tide	                               SCW
Right Place Wrong Time	                       SCW
Shakin' The Blues	                       SCW
Sister Mercy	                               SCW
Somethin' Else	                               SCW
This Is The Time	                       SCW
You Are	                                       SCW
Crazy	                                       Seal
Crazy(If I Was Trev Mix)	               Seal
Fly Like An Eagle	                       Seal
Kiss From A Rose	                       Seal
Diamond Girl	                               Seals & Crofts
Get Closer	                               Seals & Crofts
Summer Breeze	                               Seals & Crofts
Love Potion #9	                               Searchers
Two To Make It Right	                       Seduction
Two To Make It Right(LP Mix)	               Seduction
For What It's Worth	                       Segio Mendes
Closing Time	                               Semisonic
Pancho Villa	                               Senora Latina
Funk You Up	                               Sequence
Cumbersome	                               Seven Mary Three
Ballad Of The Green Berets	               Sgt Barry Sadler
Champion Lover	                               Shabba Ranks
House Call	                               Shabba Ranks
House Call(12")	                               Shabba Ranks
Mr Loverman	                               Shabba Ranks
Telephone Love	                               Shabba Ranks
Where I Wanna Be	                       Shade Sheist FEAT Nate Dogg
Gloria	                                       Shadows Of Knight
Hey Love	                               Shaggy
Hot Shot	                               Shaggy
Keep'n It Real	                               Shaggy
Lonely Lover	                               Shaggy
Mr Bombastic	                               Shaggy
Mr Boombastic(Club Mix)	                       Shaggy
Mr Boombastic/In The Summertime(Sting Remix)   Shaggy
Sexy Girls(Eye Of The Tiger Remix)	       Shaggy
Why Me Lord	                               Shaggy
That Girl	                               Shaggy & Maxi Priest
Angel	                                       Shaggy FAET Rayvon
Angel(DJ Larry Remix)	                       Shaggy FAET Rayvon
Angel(DJ Remix)	                               Shaggy FAET Rayvon
Angel(Funkymix)	                               Shaggy FAET Rayvon
Leave It To Me	                               Shaggy FEAT Brian & Tony Gold
Luv Me Luv Me	                               Shaggy FEAT Janet
Hope	                                       Shaggy FEAT Mister Midas
Dance & Shout(Ultimix)	                       Shaggy FEAT Pee Wee
Dance And Shout	                               Shaggy FEAT Pee Wee
In The Summer Time	                       Shaggy FEAT Rayvon
Chica Bonita	                               Shaggy FEAT RicRok Ducent
It Wasn't Me	                               Shaggy FEAT RicRok Ducent
It Wasn't Me(Acapella)	                       Shaggy FEAT RicRok Ducent
It Wasn't Me(DJ Mantiz)	                       Shaggy FEAT RicRok Ducent
It Wasn't Me(Funkymix)	                       Shaggy FEAT RicRok Ducent
It Wasn't Me(Remix)	                       Shaggy FEAT RicRok Ducent
It Wasn't Me(Street Tracks)	               Shaggy FEAT RicRok Ducent
Not Fair	                               Shaggy FEAT Rude
Luv Me Luv Me	                               Shaggy FEAT Samantha Cole
Freaky Girl	                               Shaggy FEAT The Kraft
Any Man Of Mine	                               Shaina Twain
From This Monent On	                       Shaina Twain
I'm Outta Here	                               Shaina Twain
Man! I Feel Like A Woman	               Shaina Twain
That Don't Impress Me	                       Shaina Twain
Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under	       Shaina Twain
Whenever Whenever	                       Shakia
Underneath Your Clothes	                       Shakira
Dancing in The Sheets	                       Shalamar
Night To Remember(12" Mix)	               Shalamar
Second Time Around	                       Shalamar
This Is For The Lover In You	               Shalamar
Don't Wanna Love You	                       Shanice
Let The Music Play	                       Shannon
Let The Music Play(Plasmic Honey Remix)	       Shannon
Burnin' Up	                               Shawn Pittman
Come On Over	                               Shawn Pittman
Dallas City Police	                       Shawn Pittman
Get Started(INST)	                       Shawn Pittman
Gimme Back My Wig	                       Shawn Pittman
She's Evil	                               Shawn Pittman
Something To Remember You By	               Shawn Pittman
Tell Me Why	                               Shawn Pittman
Times Are Slow	                               Shawn Pittman
Working Man	                               Shawn Pittman
You Sure Drive A Hard Bargin	               Shawn Pittman
Stand	                                       Shawn Stockman
Cool Love	                               Sheena Easton
Lover In Me	                               Sheena Easton
Morning Train	                               Sheena Easton
Strut	                                       Sheena Easton
Sugar Walls(Ultimix)	                       Sheena Easton
101	                                       Sheena Easton
Killin' Kind	                               Shelby Lynne
Glamerous Life	                               Shelia E
Love Bizarre	                               Shelia E
Ghetto Child	                               Shemikia Copleland
Has Anybody Seen My Man	                       Shemikia Copleland
Have Mercy	                               Shemikia Copleland
I Always Get My Man	                       Shemikia Copleland
Married To The Blues	                       Shemikia Copleland
Salt In My Wounds	                       Shemikia Copleland
Suspicion	                               Shemikia Copleland
Turn The Heat Up	                       Shemikia Copleland
Daddy's Home	                               Shep & the Limelights
When I'm With You	                       Sheriff
All I Wanna Do	                               Sheryl Crow
Can't Cry Anymore	                       Sheryl Crow
D'yer Maker	                               Sheryl Crow
I Shall Believe	                               Sheryl Crow
Leaving Las Vegas	                       Sheryl Crow
Na Na Song	                               Sheryl Crow
No One Said It Would Be Easy	               Sheryl Crow
Run Baby Run	                               Sheryl Crow
Solidify	                               Sheryl Crow
Strong Enough	                               Sheryl Crow
We Do What We Can	                       Sheryl Crow
What I Can Do For You	                       Sheryl Crow
Baby It's You	                               Shirelles
Dedicated to the One I Love	               Shirelles
Since I Don't Have You	                       Shirelles
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow	               Shirelles
Shame Shame Shame	                       Shirley & Company
Female Player	                               Shirley Brown
I Caught You With Your Pants Down	       Shirley Brown
Why You Want To Love Like That	               Shirley Brown
You Left A Good Woman For A Good Time	       Shirley Brown
As We Lay	                               Shirley Murdock
Goodnight Moon	                               Shivaree
Venus	                                       Shocking Blue
Hollywood	                               Shooting Star
Last Chance	                               Shooting Star
Bonnie & Shyne	                               Shyne FEAT Barrington Levy
Effervessing Elephant	                       Sid Barret
K.I.S.S.I.N.G.	                               Siedah Garrett
Right On Right On	                       Silicone Soul FEAT Isaac Hayes
Freak Me	                               Silk
Happy Days	                               Silk
That's Cool	                               Silkk The Shocker FEAT Trina
Fky Robin Fly	                               Silver Convention
Get Up And Boogie	                       Silver Convention
Cicada	                                       Silverchair
Faultline	                               Silverchair
Find A Way	                               Silverchair
Israel's Son	                               Silverchair
Leave Me Out	                               Silverchair
Madman	                                       Silverchair
Pure Massacre	                               Silverchair
Shade	                                       Silverchair
Suicidal Dream	                               Silverchair
Tomorrow	                               Silverchair
Undecided	                               Silverchair
Boogie Fever	                               Silvers
Angel	                                       Simply Red
Ain't That Alot Of Love	                       Simlpy Red
If You Don't Know Me By Now	               Simply Red
Cecilia	                                       Simon & Garfunkle
Mrs. Robinson	                               Simon & Garfunkle
Don't You Forget About Me	               Simple Minds
Cities In Dust(Extended Eruption)	       Siouxsie & The Banshes
Spellbound	                               Siouxsie & The Banshes
Baby Got Back	                               Sir-Mix-Alot
Baby Got Back(Street Tracks)	               Sir-Mix-Alot
Baby Got Back(Ultimix)	                       Sir-Mix-Alot
My Posse's On Broadway	                       Sir-Mix-Alot
Dance For Me	                               Sisqo
Got To Get It	                               Sisqo
Incomplete(Johnathan Peters Mix)	       Sisqo
Incomplete(Radio Edit)	                       Sisqo
Thong Song (Funkymix)	                       Sisqo
Thong Song(Uncensored)	                       Sisqo FEAT Foxy Brown
He's The Greatest Dance(Remix)	               Sister Sledge
He's The Greatest Dancer	               Sister Sledge
He's The Greatest Dancer(Extended)	       Sister Sledge
We Are Family	                               Sister Sledge
We Are Family(Long)	                       Sister Sledge
We Are Family(Remix)	                       Sister Sledge
We Are Family(Ultimix)	                       Sister Sledge
I Wish	                                       Skee-Lo
End Of The World	                       Skeeter Davis
Eighteen And Life	                       Skidrow
Last Call	                               Skinny Pupppy
Wildflower	                               Skylark
Run Runaway	                               Slade
Beggars & Hanger Ons	                       Slash's Snakepit
Just A Touch Of Love	                       Slave
Just A Touch Of Love(Remix)	               Slave
Slide	                                       Slave
Snap Shot(12")	                               Slave
Watching You	                               Slave
Weak At The Knees	                       Slave
Automatic	                               Sleepy Brown
Back on The Right Track	                       Sly & The Family Stone
Dance To The Music	                       Sly & The Family Stone
Family Affair	                               Sly & The Family Stone
I Want To Take You Higher	               Sly & The Family Stone
If You Want Me To Stay	                       Sly & The Family Stone
Thank You	                               Sly & The Family Stone
Thank You(Todds CD Mix)	                       Sly & The Family Stone
Let's Go All The Way	                       Sly Fox
All Star	                               Smash Mouth
Can't Get Enough Of You Baby	               Smash Mouth
Holiday In My Head	                       Smash Mouth
I'm A Believer	                               Smash Mouth
Pacific Coast Party	                       Smash Mouth
Pacific Coast Party(Olav Basoski Remix)	       Smash Mouth
Pacific Coast Party(Lorimer Dirty Mix)	       Smash Mouth
Then The Morning Comes	                       Smash Mouth
Walking On The Sun	                       Smash Mouth
1979(Moby Remix)	                       Smashing Pumpkins
Bullet With Butterfly Wings	               Smashing Pumpkins
Baby It's You	                               Smith
Blood And Roses	                               Smithereens
Too Much Passion	                       Smithereens
Smokey Side(INS)	                       Smokey Greenwell
Spats(INST)	                               Smokey Greenwell
Where Did You Sleep Last Night	               Smokey Greenwell
Being With You	                               Smokey Robinson
Crusin'	                                       Smokey Robinson
Just To See Her	                               Smokey Robinson
Ooh Baby Baby	                               Smokey Robinson
Tears Of A Clown	                       Smokey Robinson
Believe In It	                               Snap
Color Of Love(Massive Version)	               Snap
Don't Be Shy	                               Snap
Ex-Terminator	                               Snap
I See The Light	                               Snap
Madman's Return	                               Snap
Money	                                       Snap
Power	                                       Snap
Power(Single Mix)	                       Snap
Power(Ultimix)	                               Snap
Rhythm Is A Dancer	                       Snap
Rhythm Is A Dancer(12" Mix)	               Snap
Who Stole It	                               Snap
Spin Spin Sugar(Armands Dark Garage Mix)       Sneaker Pimps
Spin Spin Sugar(Remix)	                       Sneaker Pimps
Drivers Seat	                               Sniff n The Tears
Aw' Some Funk(INST)	                       Snooks Eaglin
I'm Not Ashamed	                               Snooks Eaglin
Josephine	                               Snooks Eaglin
Nine Pound Steel	                       Snooks Eaglin
Snoopafella	                               Snoop Doggy Dogg
What's My Name	                               Snoop Doggy Dogg
We Just Wanna Party With You	               Snoop Doggy Dogg FEAT JD
Lay Low	                                       Snoop Doggy Dogg FEAT Master P
Informer	                               Snow
Informer(Ultimix)	                       Snow
Handsome	                               Soda
Tained Love(12' Version)	               Soft Cell
Tainted Love	                               Soft Cell
Tainted Love(Club 69 Future Mix)	       Soft Cell
Bring It To Me	                               Soluna
Bring It To Me(Hex Hector)	               Soluna
For All Time	                               Soluna
Ooh Wee(Clean)	                               Something For The People
Last Call	                               Something For The People/Xzbit 
Feels So Good	                               Sonique
Feels So Good (Ultimix) 	               Sonique
I Put A Spell On You(Serious Vocal Mix)	       Sonique
Sky(Conductor & Cowboy Remix)	               Sonique
All I Ever Need Is You	                       Sonny & Cher
Beat Goes on	                               Sonny & Cher
Dark Lady	                               Sonny & Cher
I Got You Babe	                               Sonny & Cher
United We Stand	                               Sonny & Cher
Bring It On Home 	                       Sonny Boy Williamson
Don't Start Me Talkin'	                       Sonny Boy Williamson
Help Me	                                       Sonny Boy Williamson
I Don't Know	                               Sonny Boy Williamson
Nine Below Zero	                               Sonny Boy Williamson
Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover	               Sophie B Hawkins
Just Be Good To Me	                       SOS Band
Take Your Time	                               SOS Band
Runaway Train	                               Soul Asylum
Faded	                                       Soul Decision
Faded Part 1(Ultimix)	                       Soul Decision
Faded Part 2(Ultimix)	                       Soul Decision
Faded(Club Mix)	                               Soul Decision
Oh It's Kinda Crazy	                       Soul Decision
Algebra(Chopsaw Remix)	                       Soul Hooligan
Back To Life (12" Remix)	               Soul II Soul
Free Again	                               Soul II Soul
Candy Rain(Remix)	                       Soul IV Real FEAT Heavy D
Love Peace & Happiness	                       Soul Solution
Love Peace And Happiness(Hot Tracks)	       Soul Solution
Black Hole Sun	                               Soundgarden
Day I Tried To Live	                       Soundgarden
Fell On Black Days	                       Soundgarden
Fell On Black Days(Demo)	               Soundgarden
Like Suicide	                               Soundgarden
Outshined	                               Soundgarden
Spoonman	                               Soundgarden
To Cut A Long Story Short	               Spandau Ballet
True	                                       Spandau Ballet
Hole In The Bucket	                       Spearhead
El Boom	                                       Speedy
Too Much	                               Spice Girls
Wannabe	                                       Spice Girls
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong	               Spin Doctors
Big Bottom	                               Spinal Tap
Hell Hole	                               Spinal Tap
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love(Remix)	       Spinners
Games People Play	                       Spinners
I'll Be Around	                               Spinners
Love Don't Love Nobody	                       Spinners
Love Don't Love Nobody(Long)	               Spinners
Rubberband Man	                               Spinners
Working My Way Back To You	               Spinners
More Today Than Yesterday	               Spiral Staircase
I Got A Line On You	                       Spirit
Natures Way	                               Spirit
I Got You	                               Split Endz
Oh My My	                               SPM
Hava Nagila	                               Spotnicks
Coconut	                                       Spung Monkey
Smerphies Dance	                               Spyder-D
Black Coffee	                               Squeeze
Tempted By The Fruit Of Another	               Squeeze
Tempted(Hot Tracks)	                       Squeeze
Hell	                                       Squirrel Nut Zippers
Midwest Swing(Dirty)	                       St Lunatics
Midwest Swing(Radio Edit)	               St Lunatics
What Do I Have To Do	                       Stabbing Westward
Two Of Hearts	                               Stacey Q
It's Been Awhile(Amended)	               Stained
Sweet City Woman	                       Stampeders
Don't You Worry	                               Stan Webbs Chicken Shack
Dirty Water	                               Standells
If You're Ready Come Go With Me	               Staple Singers
I'll Take You There	                       Staple Singers
Respect Yourself	                       Staple Singers
Star People(Original Mix)	               Star People
Moonlight Feels Right	                       Starbuck
Which Way Is Up	                               Starguard
Afternoon Delight	                       Starland Vocal Band
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now	               Starship
You(Hot Tracks)	                               Staxx
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye	               Steam
Brown Eyed Girl	                               Steele Pulse
Stuck In The Middle	                       Steelers Wheel
Angel Eyes	                               Steelheart
Aja	                                       Steely Dan
Daddy Don't Live In That New York City	       Steely Dan
Deacon Blues	                               Steely Dan
Dirty Work	                               Steely Dan
Do It Again	                               Steely Dan
Don't Take Me Alive	                       Steely Dan
FM	                                       Steely Dan
Hey Nineteen	                               Steely Dan
Josie	                                       Steely Dan
Peg	                                       Steely Dan
Pretzel Logic	                               Steely Dan
Reelin' In The Years	                       Steely Dan
Rikki Don't Lose That Number	               Steely Dan
Show Biz Kids	                               Steely Dan
Kiss Kiss	                               Stella Soleil
I Can't Help Myself	                       Stephanie B
Never Knew Love Like This Before	       Stephanie Mills
Put Your Body Into It	                       Stephanie Mills
What Cha Goin' Do With My Lovin'	       Stephanie Mills
Love The One You're With	               Stephen Stills
Born To Be Wild	                               Steppenwolf
Magic Carpet Ride	                       Steppenwolf
Magic Carpet Ride(Remix)	               Steppenwolf
Connected	                               Stereo MC's
Connected(Extended)	                       Stereo MC's
Have A Nice Day	                               Stereophonics
Black Hole Sun	                               Steve & Eydie
Copperhead Road	                               Steve Earl
Good Morning Beautiful	                       Steve Holy
Fly Like An Eagle	                       Steve Miller Band
Jet Airliner	                               Steve Miller Band
Joker	                                       Steve Miller Band
Jungle Love	                               Steve Miller Band
Keep On Rocking Me Baby	                       Steve Miller Band
Swingtown	                               Steve Miller Band
Swingtown	                               Steve Miller Band
Swingtown(White Label)	                       Steve Miller Band
Take The Money And Run	                       Steve Miller Band
Wild Mountain Honey	                       Steve Miller Band
Winter Time	                               Steve Miller Band
Roll With It	                               Steve Winwood
Because I Love You	                       Stevie B
Edge Of Seventeen	                       Stevie Nicks
Sable On Blonde	                               Stevie Nicks
Stand Back	                               Stevie Nicks
Boot Hill	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Chitilins Con Carne(INST)	               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Close To You	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Cold Shot	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Couldn't Stand The Weather	               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Crossfire	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Dirty Pool	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Empty Arms	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
House Is A Rockin'	                       Stevie Ray Vaughan
I'm Cyin'	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Leave My Girl Alone	                       Stevie Ray Vaughan
Lenny(INST)	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Life By The Drop	                       Stevie Ray Vaughan
Little Wing(INST)	                       Stevie Ray Vaughan
Mary Had A Little Lamb	                       Stevie Ray Vaughan
May I Have A Talk With You	               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Pride And Joy	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Riveria Paradise(INST)	                       Stevie Ray Vaughan
Sky Is Crying	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Texas Flood	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Things That I Used To Do	               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Tin Pan Alley	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Voodoo Chile	                               Stevie Ray Vaughan
Dirty Cash(Sold Out Mix Edit)	               Stevie V
Boogie On Reggae Woman	                       Stevie Wonder
Do I Do	                                       Stevie Wonder
Front Line	                               Stevie Wonder
Higher Ground	                               Stevie Wonder
I Was Made To Love Her	                       Stevie Wonder
I Wish	                                       Stevie Wonder
If You Really Love Me	                       Stevie Wonder
Isn't She Lovely	                       Stevie Wonder
Living For The City	                       Stevie Wonder
Master Blaster(Jammin')	                       Stevie Wonder
My Cherie Amore	                               Stevie Wonder
Part Time Lover	                               Stevie Wonder
Ribbon In The Sky	                       Stevie Wonder
Send One Your Love	                       Stevie Wonder
Signed Sealed Delivered	                       Stevie Wonder
Sir Duke	                               Stevie Wonder
Superstition	                               Stevie Wonder
Superstition(Ultimix)	                       Stevie Wonder
Superwoman	                               Stevie Wonder
That Girl	                               Stevie Wonder
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life	               Stevie Wonder
You Haven't Done Nothin'	               Stevie Wonder
Mastablasta '98	                               Stevie Wonder FEAT Wyclef
After The Rain Has Fallen(Radio Remix)	       Sting
Brand New Day	                               Sting
Brand New Day(Edit)	                       Sting
Desert Rose	                               Sting
Desert Rose(Long Club Mix)	               Sting
Desert Rose(Stereo MC's Fever Mix)	       Sting
Fields Of Gold	                               Sting
Fragile	                                       Sting
Fragile(DJ Monk's Extended Remix)	       Sting
Roadblock	                               Stock Aitken Waterman
Roadblock(12")	                               Stock Aitken Waterman
Begging You	                               Stone Roses
Breaking Into Heaven	                       Stone Roses
Daybreak	                               Stone Roses
Ten Story Love Song	                       Stone Roses
Army Ants	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Big Empty	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Crackerman	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Creep	                                       Stone Temple Pilots
Dancing Days	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Dead And Bloated	                       Stone Temple Pilots
Interstate Love Song	                       Stone Temple Pilots
Kitchenware And Candybars	               Stone Temple Pilots
Lounge Fly	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Meat Plow	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Nakes Sunday	                               Stone Temple Pilots
No Memory	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Piece Of Pie	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Plush	                                       Stone Temple Pilots
Pretty Penny	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Sex Type Thing	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Silvergun Superman	                       Stone Temple Pilots
Sin	                                       Stone Temple Pilots
Still Remains	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Unglued	                                       Stone Temple Pilots
Vasoline	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Wet My Bed	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Where The River Goes	                       Stone Temple Pilots
Wicked Garden	                               Stone Temple Pilots
Brother Louie	                               Stories
Set It Off(Extended Remix)	               Strafe
I Want Candy	                               Strangeloves
Be-Bop-A-Lula	                               Stray Cats
Foggy Mountain Breakdown(Live)	               Stray Cats
Rock This Town	                               Stray Cats
Sexy & 17	                               Stray Cats
Stray Cat Strut	                               Stray Cats
Two Time Boogie	                               Studebaker John & The Hawks
Bethca By Golly Wow	                       Stylistics
Break Up To Make Up	                       Stylistics
Heavy Fallin' Out	                       Stylistics
I'm Stone In Love With You	               Stylistics
Let's Put It All Together	               Stylistics
People Make The World Go Round	               Stylistics
Rockin' Roll Baby	                       Stylistics
You Are Everything	                       Stylistics
You Make Me Feel Brand New	               Stylistics
You're A Big Girl Now	                       Stylistics
Babe	                                       Styx
Come Sail Away	                               Styx
Crystal Ball	                               Styx
Lady/Pres Ford Pardon Nixon	               Styx
Renegade	                               Styx
Snowblind	                               Styx
Summertime(Wyclef Jean Remix)	               Sublime
What I Got	                               Sublime
Wrong Way	                               Sublime
In Your Eyes	                               Sugar Blue
Listen Baby	                               Sugar Blue
Little Red Rooster	                       Sugar Blue
Blue Pine	                               Sugar Blue & Pinetop Perkins
Jock-A-Mo	                               Sugar Boy Crawford
Green Eyed Lady	                               Sugar Loaf
Abracadabra	                               Sugar Ray
Answer The Phone	                       Sugar Ray
Every Morning	                               Sugar Ray
Fly	                                       Sugar Ray
Fly(Remix)	                               Sugar Ray
Someday	                                       Sugar Ray
When It's Over	                               Sugar Ray
Hello	                                       Sugarbomb
8th Wonder	                               Sugarhill Gang
Apache	                                       Sugarhill Gang
Rapper's Delight	                       Sugarhill Gang
Rapper's Delight(FULL)	                       Sugarhill Gang
Rapper's Delight(X Mix)	                       Sugarhill Gang
Only You(Turn The Screws Radio Mix)	       Sulk
Heard It All Before	                       Sunshine Anderson
Lunch Or Dinner	                               Sunshine Anderson
Lazy Lover	                               Supernaturals
Shower Me With Your Love	               Surface
Ain't No Mountain High Enough	               Surpremes
I Can't Hold Back	                       Survivor
Angel From Montgomery	                       Susan Tedeschi
It Hurts So Bad	                               Susan Tedeschi
Just Won't Burn	                               Susan Tedeschi
You Need To Be With Me	                       Susan Tedeschi
Luka	                                       Suzanne Vega
The Real Me(Hani Remix Slow Radio Edit)	       Svala
Ballroom Blitz	                               Sweet
Love Is Like Oxygen	                       Sweet
Sad Sweet Dreamer	                       Sweet Sensation
Weak(Bam Jam Jeep Mix)	                       SWV
Love I Lost	                               Sybil
Love I Lost(Radio Edit-Club)	               Sybil
I Don't Know Why	                       Syl Johnson
Let's Get It On Again	                       Syl Johnson
Midnight Woman	                               Syl Johnson
Piece Of The Rock	                       Syl Johnson
Sexy Ways	                               Syl Johnson
They Can't See Your Good Side	               Syl Johnson
Who's Still In Love	                       Syl Johnson
I've Been Missing You	                       Syl Johnson & Jonny Lang
Turn The Tide	                               Sylver
Do You Wanna Funk(Edit)	                       Sylvester
Do You Wanna Funk(Full)	                       Sylvester
Don't Disturb This Groove	               System
You Are In My System	                       System
You Are In My System(Remix)	               System
At Midnight	                               T Connection
Get It On(Bang A Gong)	                       T Rex
2 Glock G's	                               T.I.P.S
Everybody Dance	                               Ta Mara & The Seen
Down In The Swamp	                       Tab Benoit
Drownin' On Dry Land	                       Tab Benoit
I Put A Spell On You	                       Tab Benoit
Killing Floor	                               Tab Benoit
Nice And Warm	                               Tab Benoit
Rambling On My Mind	                       Tab Benoit
Shining Moon	                               Tab Benoit
Up And Gone	                               Tab Benoit
Whoomp There It Is	                       Tag Team
Whoomp There It Is(Hot Tracks)	               Tag Team
Whoomp There It Is(WPGC Remix)	               Tag Team
21st Century Gypsy Lover Man	               Taj Mahal
All Along The Watchtower	               Taj Mahal
Betty And Dupree	                       Taj Mahal
Blue Light Special	                       Taj Mahal
Calpypsonians	                               Taj Mahal
Coconut man	                               Taj Mahal
Don't Call Us	                               Taj Mahal
Having A Real Bad Day	                       Taj Mahal
Honky Tonk Women	                       Taj Mahal
John The Revelator	                       Taj Mahal
Kanikapila(INST)	                       Taj Mahal
Mailbox Blues	                               Taj Mahal
Mercedes Benz	                               Taj Mahal
Mr Pitiful	                               Taj Mahal
New Hula Blues	                               Taj Mahal
River Of Love	                               Taj Mahal
Sacred Island(Moku La'a)(INST)	               Taj Mahal
Senor Blues	                               Taj Mahal
She Caught The Katy	                       Taj Mahal
Sophisticated Mama	                       Taj Mahal
Stagger Lee	                               Taj Mahal
Things Are Getting Crazy Up In Here	       Taj Mahal
You Rascal	                               Taj Mahal
The Blast	                               Talib & Hi-Tek
It's My Life(Extended)	                       Talk Talk
Talk Talk	                               Talk Talk
And She Was	                               Talking Heads
And She Was(Extended)	                       Talking Heads
Burning Down The House	                       Talking Heads
Once In A Lifetime	                       Talking Heads
Take Me To The River	                       Talking Heads
Wild Wild Life	                               Talking Heads
Can't Go For That	                       Tamia
Can't Go For That(Remix)	               Tamia FEAT Missy Elliott/Snoop
So Into You(Street Tracks)	               Tamia
Stranger In My House	                       Tamia
Stranger In My House(Mike Rizzo Mix)	       Tamia
Tell Me Who(Hot Tracks)	                       Tamia
Tell Me Who(Thunderpuss)	               Tamia
Stand By Your Man	                       Tammy Wynette
Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad	               Tammy Wynette
Maybe I Derserve	                       Tank
Maybe I Deserve(Remix)	                       Tank
Hold You Tight	                               Tara Kemp
Boogie Oogie Oogie	                       Taste Of Honey
Boogie Oogie Oogie(Extended)	               Taste Of Honey
Boogie Oogie Oogie(Hot Tracks)	               Taste Of Honey
Daydream	                               Tatyana Ali
Boy You Knock Me Out(Remix)	               Tatyana Ali Feat Will Smith
It Only Takes A Minute	                       Tavares
More Than A Woman	                       Tavares
Soul Survivor	                               Taylor & Funderburgh
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love	               Taylor Dane
I'll Always Love You	                       Taylor Dane
I'll Be Your Shelter	                       Taylor Dane
Love Will Lead You Back	                       Taylor Dane
Tell It To My Heart	                       Taylor Dane
With Every Beat of My Heart	               Taylor Dane
Goin' To Funky Town	                       T-Bone Walker
Party Girl	                               T-Bone Walker
Getaway(Street Tracks)	                       T-Boz
Change	                                       Tears For Fears
Everybody Wants To Rule The World	       Tears For Fears
Shout	                                       Tears For Fears
Move This	                               Technotronic
Pump Up the Jam	                               Technotronic
Pump Up The Jam(Ultimix)	               Technotronic
Baby Please Don't Go(Live)	               Ted Nugent
Cat Scratch Fever	                       Ted Nugent
Cat Scratch Fever(Ultimix)	               Ted Nugent
Dog Eat Dog	                               Ted Nugent
Free-For-All	                               Ted Nugent
Give Me Just A Little	                       Ted Nugent
Homebound	                               Ted Nugent
Just What The Doctor Order	               Ted Nugent
Motor City Madness	                       Ted Nugent
Paralyzed	                               Ted Nugent
Stranglehold	                               Ted Nugent
Wang Dang Sweet Poontang(Live)	               Ted Nugent
Wango Tango	                               Ted Nugent
Yank Me Crank Me(Live)	                       Ted Nugent
Can't We Try	                               Teddy Pendergrass
Close the Door	                               Teddy Pendergrass
Come Go With Me	                               Teddy Pendergrass
Get Up Get Down Get Funky	               Teddy Pendergrass
Life's A Song Worth Singing	               Teddy Pendergrass
Love TKO	                               Teddy Pendergrass
Love TKO(Long)	                               Teddy Pendergrass
Turn Off The Lights	                       Teddy Pendergrass
You're My Latest Greatest Inspiration	       Teddy Pendergrass
Feel The Fire	                               Teddy Pendergrass & S. Mills
De Ja Vu	                               Teena Marie
I Need Your Lovin' 	                       Teena Marie
Lovergirl	                               Teena Marie
Portuguese Love	                               Teena Marie
Square Biz	                               Teena Marie
Say Hello To Heaven	                       Temple Of The Dog
Reach Down	                               Temple Of The Dog
Hunger Strike	                               Temple Of The Dog
Pushin Forward Back	                       Temple Of The Dog
Call Me A Dog	                               Temple Of The Dog
Times Of Trouble	                       Temple Of The Dog
Wooden Jesus	                               Temple Of The Dog
Your Saviour	                               Temple Of The Dog
Four Walled World	                       Temple Of The Dog
All Night Thing	                               Temple Of The Dog
Ball Of Confusion	                       Temptations
I Wish It Would Rain	                       Temptations
It's You That I Need	                       Temptations
Just My Imagination	                       Temptations
My Girl	                                       Temptations
Papa Was A Rolling Stone	               Temptations
Psychadelic Shack	                       Temptations
Shakey Ground  	                               Temptations
Sixteen Tons	                               Tennessee Ernie Ford
Sign Your Name	                               Terance Trent D'arby
Wishing Well	                               Terence Trent D'arby
Is This Love	                               Terra Skye
Better Things To Do	                       Terri Clark
Suspicion	                               Terry Stafford
Can We Talk	                               Tevin Campbell
I Dreamed Of Hillybilly Heaven	               Tex Ritter
Never Trust A Woman	                       Tex Ritter
Blue And Lonesome	                       Texas Johnny Brown
So Help Me John	                               Texas Johnny Brown
Strange Situation	                       Texas Johnny Brown
Tender Age Woman	                       Texas Johnny Brown
Your House Your Home	                       Texas Johnny Brown
The Best U Can	                               Tha Liks
Don't Leave Me This Way	                       Thelma Houston
Don't Leave Me This Way(Hot Tracks)	       Thelma Houston
Boys Are Back	                               Thin Lizzy
King Of Glory	                               Third Day
Thief	                                       Third Day
Underwater	                               Third Day
Jumper	                                       Third Eye Blind
Never Let You Go	                       Third Eye Blind
Semi Charmed Life	                       Third Eye Blind
She Blinded Me With Science	               Thomas Dolby
She Blinded Me With Science(Remix)	       Thomas Dolby
Doctor Doctor	                               Thompson Twins
Hold Me Now	                               Thompson Twins
Jimmy Primo Livin' At Large	               Three Cent Stamp
When Will I See You Again	               Three Degrees
Celebrate	                               Three Dog Night
Easy To Be Hard	                               Three Dog Night
Eli's Coming	                               Three Dog Night
Joy To The World	                       Three Dog Night
Mama Told me Not To Come	               Three Dog Night
Never Been To Spain	                       Three Dog Night
Old Fashion Love Song	                       Three Dog Night
One	                                       Three Dog Night
Pieces Of April	                               Three Dog Night
Shambala	                               Three Dog Night
Try A Little Tenderness	                       Three Dog Night
Be Like That	                               Three Doors Down
Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag(Thunderpuss)     Thunderpuss
I Think We're Alone Now	                       Tiffany
Voices Carry	                               Til Tuesday
I Do The Rock	                               Tim Curry
Cowboy In Me	                               Tim McGraw
Don't Take The Girl	                       Tim McGraw
Grown Men Don't Cry	                       Tim McGraw
I Like It I Love It(Live)	               Tim McGraw
Indian Outlaw	                               Tim McGraw
Indian Outlaw(Remix)	                       Tim McGraw
Drop	                                       Timbaland & Magoo
All Yall	                               Timbaland & Magoo FEAT Tweet
Futures So Bright	                       Timbuk 3
Rumors	                                       Timex Social Club
Rumors(Extended)	                       Timex Social Club
Boys Night Out	                               Timothy B. Schmit
In My Dreams	                               Tina Ann
What's Love Got To Do With It	               Tina Turner
Are You Sorry	                               Tinsley Ellis
Change Your Mind	                       Tinsley Ellis
Diggin' My Own Grave	                       Tinsley Ellis
Everyday	                               Tinsley Ellis
If That's How He Loves You	               Tinsley Ellis
Just Dropped In	                               Tinsley Ellis
Standing On The Edge Of Love	               Tinsley Ellis
Oye Como Va	                               Tito Puente Jr
After Dark	                               Tito & The Tarantulas
Feel The Music	                               TKA
Ain't Too Proud To Beg(Ben Liebrand Club Mix)  TLC
Creep	                                       TLC
Creep(Remix)	                               TLC
No Scubs	                               TLC
Unpretty	                               TLC
Waterfall(Darp Remix INST)	               TLC
Waterfall(INST)	                               TLC
Waterfall(ONP Remix)	                       TLC
Waterfall(Single Edit)	                       TLC
What About Your Friends	                       TLC
Possum Kingdom	                               Toadies
I Wanna Talk About Me	                       Toby Keith
Him Or Me	                               Today
Bang On The Drum	                       Todd Rundgren
Hello It's Me	                               Todd Rundgren
I Saw The Light	                               Todd Rundgren
We Gotta Get You Woman	                       Todd Rundgren
Lion Sleeps Tonight	                       Tokens
Funkin' For Jamaica	                       Tom Browne
Funkin' For Jamaica(Remix)	               Tom Browne
Life Is A Highway	                       Tom Cochrane
Chills And Fever	                       Tom Jones
Daughter Of Darkness	                       Tom Jones
Delilah	                                       Tom Jones
Detroit City	                               Tom Jones
Green Green Grass Of Home	               Tom Jones
Help Yourself	                               Tom Jones
I Who Have Nothing	                       Tom Jones
I'll Never Fall In Love Again	               Tom Jones
I'm Coming Home	                               Tom Jones
It's Not Unusual	                       Tom Jones
Kiss	                                       Tom Jones
Letter To Lucilla	                       Tom Jones
Love Me Tonight	                               Tom Jones
Not Responsible	                               Tom Jones
Puppet Man	                               Tom Jones
Sex Bomb	                               Tom Jones
Sex Bomb(Mousse T's Big Beat)	               Tom Jones
Sex Bomb(Peppermint Disco Mix)	               Tom Jones
Sex Bomb(Peppermint Disco Radio Mix)	       Tom Jones
Sex Bomb(Sound Of Life Bulb Mix)(INST)	       Tom Jones
Sex Bomb(Sound Of Life Half Vocal Mix)	       Tom Jones
Sex Bomb(Strike Boys Mix)	               Tom Jones
She's A Lady	                               Tom Jones
She's A Lady(BT Remix)	                       Tom Jones
She's A Lady(Funkstar Deluxe)	               Tom Jones
Something 'bout You Baby I Like	               Tom Jones
Thunderball	                               Tom Jones
Till	                                       Tom Jones
What's New Pussycat	                       Tom Jones
Without Love	                               Tom Jones
Young New Mexican Puppeteer	               Tom Jones
American Girl	                               Tom Petty
Don't Come Around Here	                       Tom Petty
Free Fallin	                               Tom Petty
Here Comes My Girl	                       Tom Petty
I Need To Know	                               Tom Petty
I Won't Back Down	                       Tom Petty
Mary Janes Last Dance	                       Tom Petty
Refugee	                                       Tom Petty
You Wreck Me	                               Tom Petty
Breakdown	                               Tom Petty 
Beat Is On(INST)	                       Tom Scott
Crusin' Bayou(INST)	                       Tom Scott
If I Could Cry(INST)	                       Tom Scott
I'll Still Be Lovin' You	               Tom Scott
Just Takin' A Walk(INST)	               Tom Scott
Lonely One(INST)	                       Tom Scott
Lost Again(INST)	                       Tom Scott
Ode To Bille Joe	                       Tom Scott
Short Visit(INST)	                       Tom Scott
Smokin' Section(INST)	                       Tom Scott
Sneakin' In The Back(INST)	               Tom Scott
TCB In "E"(INST)	                       Tom Scott
Genious Of Love(Edit)	                       Tom Tom Club
Genious Of Love(Original)	               Tom Tom Club
Red Hot Dance Theme(Gothic Mix)	               Tomandandy
Right As Rain	                               Tommy Castro
It's All In The Game	                       Tommy Edwards
Cyrstal Blue Persuasion	                       Tommy James
Draggin' The Line	                       Tommy James
Crimson & Clover	                       Tommy James 
Stagger Lee	                               Tommy Roe
867-5309/Jenny	                               Tommy Tutone
Which Man Are You	                       Tommy Tutone
Funky Cold Medina	                       Tone Loc
Funky Cold Medina(Ultimix)	               Tone Loc
Wild Thing	                               Tone Loc
Wild Thing(Ultimix)	                       Tone Loc
Wild Thing(xmix)	                       Tone Loc vs Salt N Pepa
Breathe Again	                               Toni Braxton
Unbreak My Heart	                       Toni Braxton
Unbreak My Heart(Dance Mix)	               Toni Braxton
Unbreak My Heart(Junior Vasquez Mix)	       Toni Braxton
Casual Affair	                               Tonic
If You Could Only See	                       Tonic
Mickey	                                       Tony Basil
Entertainer	                               Tony Clark
Poke Salad Annie	                       Tony Joe White
Knock Three Times	                       Tony Orlando & Dawn 
My Sweet Gypsy Rose	                       Tony Orlando & Dawn
Nobody Knows	                               Tony Rich Project
Anniversary(Quite Storm)	               Tony Toni Tone
Feels Good	                               Tony Toni Tone
Feels Good(Wicked Mix)	                       Tony Toni Tone
If I Had No Loot	                       Tony Toni Tone
Wonder Why He's The Greatest DJ	               Tony Touch FEAT Total
Broken Promises	                               Tonya Mitchell
Pimp Sh*t	                               Too $hort
Sober	                                       Tool
I Eat Cannibals	                               Total Coelo
'99	                                       Toto
Africa	                                       Toto
Georgie Porgy	                               Toto
Hold The Line	                               Toto
Rosanna	                                       Toto
Tango In Harlem	                               Touch n Go
Below Us All The City Lights	               Tower Of Power
Can't You See(You're Doing Me Wrong)	       Tower Of Power
Don't Change Horses	                       Tower Of Power
I Got The Chop	                               Tower Of Power
Just When We Start Makin' It	               Tower Of Power
Loves Been Gone So Long	                       Tower Of Power
Man From The Past	                       Tower Of Power
Oakland Stroke	                               Tower Of Power
Oakland Stroke	                               Tower Of Power
Rhythm And Blues	                       Tower Of Power
So Very Hard To Go	                       Tower Of Power
Squib Cakes(INST)	                       Tower Of Power
Time Will Tell	                               Tower Of Power
What Is Hip	                               Tower Of Power
Willing To Learn	                       Tower Of Power
I Do	                                       Toya
I Do(Funkymix)	                               Toya
No Matter What Pary All Night(Kevin Davis Mix) Toya
No Matta What(Track Masters Remix)	       Toya FEAT 50 Cent & Loon
I'm Tryin'	                               Trace Adkins
Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train	               Tractors
Watermelon Crawl	                       Tracy Byrd
Watermelon Crawl(Remix)	                       Tracy Byrd
Fast Car	                               Tracy Chapman
Give Me One Reason	                       Tracy Chapman
Low Spark Of The High Heeled Boys	       Traffic
Drops Of Jupiter	                       Train
She's On Fire	                               Train
Something More	                               Train
Disco Inferno(Full)	                       Trammps
Disco Inferno(Ultimix)	                       Trammps
Ghetto Law	                               Transistors
Come(Top 40 Mix)	                       Transmatic
Surfin' Bird 	                               Trashmen
Here's Your Sign	                       Travis Tritt
It's A Great Day To Be Alive	               Travis Tritt
Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde	               Travis Tritt
T-R-O-U-B-L-E	                               Travis Tritt
Whip It	                                       Treacherous Three
It Rocks It Rolls It Swings	               Trenires
Award Tour	                               Tribe Called Quest
Find A Way	                               Tribe Called Quest
I'm A Thug	                               Trick Daddy
Take It To The House(Funkymix)	               Trick Daddy
Take it To The House(Clean)	               Trick Daddy FEAT SNS Express
Under You	                               Trickside
Allright	                               Trin-I-Tee
Gonna Get Myself Together	               Trin-I-Tee
How You Living	                               Trin-I-Tee
Imagine That Uncle Freddie(Dark Child Remix)   Trin-I-Tee
There He Is	                               Trin-I-Tee
Fight The Good Fight	                       Triumph
Lay It On The Line	                       Triumph
Magic Power	                               Triumph
Wild Thing	                               Troggs
Spread My Wings	                               Troop
Raise A Little Hell	                       Trooper
Groover Is Back	                               Troublemakers
She's A Beauty	                               Tubes
Sports Fans	                               Tubes
California Love(Street Tracks)	               Tupac
California Love(xmix)	                       Tupac
I Get Around(Remix)	                       Tupac
In The Air Tonight(2 Pac vs Phil Collins)      Tupac
Slippin Into Darkness	                       Tupac
Until The End Of Time	                       Tupac
Until The End Of Time	                       Tupac FEAT R.L.
Green Tamborine	                               Turtles
Happy Together	                               Turtles
After Midnight(INST)	                       Tutu Jones
Be Good To Your Lady	                       Tutu Jones
Can't Leave You Alone	                       Tutu Jones
Check Out Yourself	                       Tutu Jones
Daylight Caught Us Red Handed	               Tutu Jones
Good Juice	                               Tutu Jones
Have You Ever Loved A Woman	               Tutu Jones
I Still Love You	                       Tutu Jones
I'll Play The Blues For You	               Tutu Jones
I'm Not Ashamed To Play The Blues(INST)	       Tutu Jones
I'm Not Your Fool	                       Tutu Jones
Milkman Game	                               Tutu Jones
My Own Fault	                               Tutu Jones
Outstanding(INST)	                       Tutu Jones
Romance Avenue(INST)	                       Tutu Jones
Sky Is Crying	                               Tutu Jones
Steppin' On Me	                               Tutu Jones
Stubborn Woman	                               Tutu Jones
Sweet Woman	                               Tutu Jones
Things Are Looking Up(INST)	               Tutu Jones
Too Blues To Be True(INST)	               Tutu Jones
You Never Had Love	                       Tutu Jones
You Shatter My Heart	                       Tutu Jones
Oops(Oh My)	                               Tweet
We're Not Gonna Take It	                       Twisted Sister
You Little Trust Maker	                       Tymes
Christian Woman	                               Type O Negative
I Like Dem Girls	                       Tyrese
I Like DSem Girls(Hot Squade Remix)	       Tyrese
Nobody Else(Street Tracks)	               Tyrese
Sweet Lady(Darkchild Remix)	               Tyrese
Can I Change My Mind	                       Tyrone Davis
Turn Back The Hands Of Time	               Tyrone Davis