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In Memory of Khanoom Afshar

People remember Khanoom Afshar in many different ways. But there are three main ways that I remember her. First, her dogs. I loved playing with her dogs, and that's what I looked forward to doing when I went to her house. I loved how well she had trained them. I laughed when I saw how stern she was with them and how they listened. The carpets were like safety zones for me. Though she was strict with the dogs, I can never forget the sound of her unique laughter ringing in the house. I also remember that after coming out of the basement from playing with the dogs, there were the best cookies out on the table. They had chocolate inside, and they looked like long cigars. I would sit on my Dad's lap and listen to her talk. She had an unforgettable voice that always made me cheerful, like I was with a REAL Persian family. My last memory is the tubes that were connected around the house that let her breathe. When I accidently stepped on a tube, I got SOOOO scared that I had cut of her air cirrculation! I would always check to see if she was still okay. Though I didn't see her that often, I always felt like she was very close family. I loved her very much, and I know that she will always be missed. And if the dogs ever go on the carpet, she'll scream down at them from heaven. Thank you for all of the memories that you have brought me.