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If Pigs Could Fly...

If Pigs Could Fly... Hey! I'm FUZZY DICE! (All About Me:) My IM: Dizzytoots23 My TRADEMARK: Just the Sky, Just the Sky - & - "hun" ................ Shoutouts: Molly: Tutu & Leotard -and- all of our awesome phone convo's... You are always so nice, and whenever I am sad, you're always there for me! <3 <3 *** Katie: OOOOOOOOOOOOOH, and all of THE WORDS: hun, sweets, babe, gurlie gurl, etc. *** Emma: "It's Private!" "QUOTES" , No, I'm cold!! *** Leili: Enghaht ghoobeh keh meetoonaam buhut farsi harf behzaanam!! Crank it, Crank it, Crank it, girl! Mo was a hilarious story! *** Jana: Our dance is so cool! You are so cute! The story about Dan.*** Kaji: You are a cool cousin! You're soo pretty! Fill me in ab. Julie later! *** Zubin: Congrats on your graduation! You are awesome! *** Bibi: You're a really nice cousin! Good luck with your tennis! *** *** Aryana: There is NO little kid cuter than you! You are growing up soo fast! I love you! *** Khanoom Afshar: Click here. *** Yassi: Ur an awesome friend with humorous storiez *** Mommy: So many kids say their mom is the best. But that's impossible -- you are! Thank you for always being there for me. I love you! *** Daddy: I love you so much! You always help me with my problems, teach me how to deal with situations by telling me AWESOME stories, and I am so proud to say you are my Daddy!!!! *** My Family: You are the best family ever! Thank you for supporting me whenever I was doing something! I love you guys!<3 <3 <3 **************************************** Enjoy the site, dudes + dudettes! ************************************* P.S. Check out my mini-site: FRENCHIE.

Joke of the Week:

So there are these three people waiting in line to get to heaven. The guy at the gate asks the first guy, "y do u deserve to go to heaven?" so the guy says: "i come to my house and find my wife naked and know she was having an affair... So i see this guy hanging off my balcony on the twenty-sixth floor. So he's the guy who is havign the affair with my wife, right? So I push his fingers off the edge of the balcony, but the guy lands in a tree! So I'm like what the hell? Why isn't this guy dying, man? So I through my fridge on him and he dies. In all the excitement, I die of a heart attack." The guy at the gate says, "You had a bad day; you can go into heaven." So the next guy comes in and the guy at the gate asks: "why do you deserve to go into heaven?" The guy's like: "Well, I was painting my house when I slipped on the paint bottle and I fell of my balcony. Luckily, I caught the balcony on the twenty-sixth floor. But then, some physco guy comes and pushes me off. Luckily, I land in a tree. But then the freakin' nutcase throws his fridge on me, and I die." So the man at the gate says,"you had a really bad day, go in." Then the third guy comes along and the man at the gate says, "why do u deserve to go to heaven?" and the guy's like: "well, i was having an affair with this guys wife, and he comes home, so i hide in his fridge. Then, he throws his fridge off the balcony and I die!" .... hahaha, u can probably guess waht happens next!!! OUCH! CYAAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 <3 <3 <3


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I was walking down the street and then I met a:

villain or an: angel Story 1: He had just robbed a bank. There was money in his hands. I decided to: fight for the money. No, I'll just alert the police -and fast! Story 2: The angel offers you a look at heaven. You: Refuse and keep walking. Excited, i accept! Story 3: I wonder. What should I do now? Then, I get an idea: I yell at her for being so evil! No, she would get even more angry. I ask politely to see heaven instead and apoligize. Story 4: So what'll it be? Should I pick: the flying pig... i don't know, a little dangerous, huh? No, plane is way more reasonable.