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De La Croix in Black & White Series:

 Introduction : 1- Synopsis by Dr. Etienne Leroux  2- Meet de La Croix, The Man, The Rebel, The Artist by Margee Baker.

Paintings Galleries:    b&w1             b&w 3   b&w 4   b&w 5  b&w 6   b&w 7    b&w 8    b&w 9   b&w 10   b&w 11  b&w 12   b&w 13    b&w 14  b&w 15  



De La Croix’s Neo-Cubism / Progressive Cubism:

Preface  (By Dr. John Chen, United Nations/UNESCO Laureate)

Paintings Galleries:    nc1          nc2       nc3       nc4       nc5     nc6      nc7      nc8     nc 9     nc 10    nc 11   nc12   nc13    nc14







maximillien de la croix “Mistral

Founder Of The Progressive Cubism School of Abstract Art. Paris1979