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The heelflip is one of the more basic flip tricks. It should probably be learned before all other flip tricks except for the kickflip, which could be learned before or after the heelflip.

While riding normal, the skateboarder jumps and his/her skateboard comes off the ground with them and is flipped by his/her outer toe kicking the edge of the board. They land riding normal.

1. Push a few times to get rolling at a comfortable speed.

2. Put your back foot flat across the tail ,and place your front foot just behind the front truck bolts.

3. Bend you knees. Push down as hard as you can on your back foot so that you tail hits the ground. Kick your front foot down AND out to the side using your heel and outer toe. Try hitting a corner of the nose to make the board flip easier.

4. Keep your shoulders and legs parallel with the direction you are going. It will make the landing easier.

5. Let the board flip completely and catch it with your back foot. Your front foot should land back on a fraction of a second later.

5. Land on all four wheels and bend you knees to take the impact. Ride away.

Additional Help:

Problem: I can only land heelflips with one foot.
Reason: You might be scared to land heelflips, or your foot could be stuck under the board because of improper board flipping technique, or you are letting the board drift away in the air.
Solution: If your problem is fear you can either just go for it and force yourself to land, or you can try to work your way up. If you usually only land with your right foot, next time try to land with only your left foot. Keep switching back and forth and after a little bit, try to land with both feet at the same time. If your foot is stuck under the board you need to change your kickflip technique. Try to kick off the side of the nose of the board. Don't kick straight down as you might think would be best. Kick out to the side as well as slightly down. Kicking the nose of the board will flip it and kicking out instead of down will keep your foot from getting stuck under the board.