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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a plastic bag? Or is it a group of rowdy high schoolers zooming around on brooms playing. . . QUIDDITCH If you guessed the last one, then you're right! Come one, come all, and join the "magical" sensation that's sweeping the nation. Harry Potter fans, Twilight fans, Pac-man fans; it doesn't matter all are welcome in this most epic of competitions. Prove your dominance over all, the wizarding way! Our contests will be fierce! Our play will be intense! Our games will last longer than Kim Kardashian's wedding! If you are interested, come to D-1, Dr. Swanson's classroom, for more information! The Hogwarts Express is choo-choo chugging right on out of the station. So tell me, are you on it?

The Rules of Quidditch


A Basic Overview

A More Detailed Set of Rules

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Quidditch at UCLA

2010 World Cup in New York