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My Home Page

These are some potential names for my car. Currently it's Moon Bug. I may go German though with the translation. Moon Bug Mond-Wanze Hot Rod Beheizter Stab Fast Car Fasten Auto

Just a few links of my interest

This is me at work...I'm the one on the far left with my arm behind my back
My photo at Texas Renaissance Festival
The Texas Renaissance Festival
The North houston VW Club
The Houston VW Club
My Car
Insured I am...really!
Redneck gingerbread house
Beer Prayer
paint job 1
paint job 2
paint job 3
paint job 4
Old People Joke File
Now this is a school bus I wouldn't mind riding to school...Fonky!!!
Chris Rock's advice
Poof...this is you. Botch
Lobster ... Crab family?
Irish Drinking Songs