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January Rain- COMPLETED

My burden. My secret. Brian will never know.



Nick makes a bet with AJ to prove he isn't a 'freakin' kid' who plays games... or is he?



I am a journalist; I write about the state of our  water ways and what the council isn't doing. I write about our lack of funding for retirees, the unsanitary conditions of our local hospital; hell, I even write about Mrs Lander's cats. But I am in no way an entertainment reporter. So why am I following a  sex driven, ego consuming popstar as my latest assignment? The answer is simple; all men are bastards and I merely work for one of them...


On A Day Like Today- COMPLETED;  

There's not a cloud in the sky; It's as blue as your goodbye; And I thought it would rain... on a day like today....


The Prodigal- COMPLETED

Elusive and stoic, Alex was never known to stay in one place for too long.... but will Lissy be enough for him to change his ways? 


Everything is You- IN PROGRESS 

Everybody needs some time away... but what happens when the 'temporary break' turned out to be the only stable element of your relationship? Would you have the courage to stay... or would you go?  


Second chances are hard to come by...even if you're lucky...


Something Real- IN PROGRESS

He had too much of a good thing... she had everything she never wanted. All he  needed a moment of sanity...all she ever wanted was to break free...


Upside Down & Inside Out-   IN PROGRESS

Sequel to 'Game Boy'

'All is flex and nothing stays still'- Plato.

Nick. June. Caitlyn.... Mandy. Backstreet. New York; three years on.  

Does anything ever stay the same?



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