Tomorrow Never Knows

John was sitting on a bridge in a field over a beautiful stream. A dolphin poked it's head up and John petted it. "John, it's time to go! Get up!" The dolphin screamed at him in an urgent voice. John felt himself being shook and beaten. "Ow!" John slapped whoever it was that he couldn't see. He opened his eyes, it was Paul. "We're late!" Paul got up off the floor where John was sleeping and ran across the room. John was dissapointed. He had had that dream every night for the past two weeks. It was so peaceful that dolphin was strange though. He had never seen him before. "John, come on," George said. "What are we late for?" John said trying to remember. "Commercial photo shoot," Ringo called from the other room. John suddenly remembered they had a shoot for Coke. "Bloody 'ell. Can't you tell 'em I'm sick or somethin'?" John faked a cough and laid back down. "Put your clothes on ya sod." Ringo threw John's suit at him.


At the studio the director handed them each a bottle of Coke with a straw in it. John was spinning on one of the stools sitting in the middle of the room. "Hey, can we get some scotch with this?!" John said laughing. "Don't get cheeky, John," George Martin said walking into the studio. "Alright, boys let's go. Come on," George Martin said taking Paul and Ringo by the hands and sitting them down in front of the stools George and John were already sitting on. "Now don't drink what's in the bottles-" the photographer started, but it was too late. John had already been drinking some. "Gah! What is this stuff?" he exclaimed. "It's nothing but colored water, John," George Martin said. Paul and George were giggling. John hit paul on the shoulder as hard as he could. "Ow!" Paul jumped on John. George and Ringo got up and Ringo just stood there. George helped pull Paul off John just before he threw John against the wall. A clock that was sitting on a shelf fell and hit John on the head. John passed out. He heard George say "look what you did, Paul."

John woke up from his dreamless sleep back at the hotel. "Are you alright, John?" Paul asked. "I don't know, am I?" John said sitting up. "You've got a pretty bad bruise," George said. John remembered his dream from that morning and sighed looking down at the floor. "What's wrong, John?" Ringo said. "Nothing, I'm fine. I think I'll take a walk," John said getting off the bed and opening the door. He had expected to see a hallway outside the hotel room but instead he saw a field with blue sky and a brook with a bridge over it. "It's the dream." John smiled and ran happily to the bridge. He climbed onto the bridge and sat on it with his feet hanging off. He looked up and closed his eyes in the glow of the sun. Paul, George, and Ringo came out of the room and saw John sitting on a table in the hallway with his eyes closed smiling up at the chandelier. All three stopped and looked at each other as they saw John crawl onto his stomach and reach down and pet the floor. John saw a dolphin in the water that he was petting. "Come on," Paul said starting down the hall. "But, Paul, don't you think....well....John," George said pointing at John. "Ah, leave him. Probably something he took. If it is I gotta know what it is." They left John there. Meanwhile John was prancing in the field and rolling in the grass with his shoes off. Maids and hotel staff who walked by were baffled and by the time the others got back a rather large crowd had gathered. John was sitting in the middle of the hall pulling the pedals off of a flower one by one. Paul ran up to him "John, John," he shook him. All of a sudden the field disappeared and John saw a crowd of hotel staff and others where there had been trees. He got up quickly and Paul helped him back to the room. "What happened?" John asked as Paul sat him down on the couch. "You went potty," George said. "We went out for a drink and when we came back you were rolling in the hall," Paul said lighting a cigarette.

That night John had another dream. He was back home, everything was blue and sort of liquid looking. Paul, George and Ringo were sitting on the couch. All of a sudden Ringo turned into a flamingo, Paul was a giant fish, and George was a horse. John woke up suddenly and saw the hotel room was blue. He had fallen asleep on the couch. He got up and looked out the window, it was still dark "Guess I'm dreamin'." John went back to the couch and went to sleep. Ringo was the first to wake up the next morning. He shook John awake "John." John opened his eyes and saw a pink flamingo talking to him against a blue background. "John, we don't have to be anywhere today do we?" The flamingo said. "No, I don't think so. Check my book." The flamingo went over to the dresser and opened John's black book. "What's wrong with you, John, you look odd," the flamingo said. "Good morning, John. Good morning Ringo," Paul got up and patted John on the head. John saw a giant fish walking toward the bathroom. John looked over at George. A horse sat up in George's bed and yawned. "Ah! It's the dream!" The fish came out of the bathroom, the flamingo dropped John's book, and the horse gave him a puzzled look. John hit himself in the side of the head, everything went back to normal for a moment. "Ah ha! Paul, hand me that clock." The fish got an alarm clock off the dresser. John hit himself in the side of the head with it and blacked out. The three remaining beatles ran to him and put him back on the couch. "I told you, he's gone mad!" "John, John, are you alright?" Paul said shaking him. John had hit himself so hard he was bleeding.

"John, John, time to wake up, John," A beautiful fairy appeared. John slowly opened his eyes half expecting to see giant celery stalks or a turtle on his shoulder or something but all he saw was Paul, George, Ringo, and a doctor standing over him in a hospital room. "John, what did you do that for?" George said. "Paul, come here," John said with his hand outstreched. Paul went over and took John's hand. "John, are you dying?" Paul said with a worried look. "I don't know. Open that door." Ringo opened the door. John sat up and all he saw was a normal hospital hallway. John sighed and fell back on the bed. "Are you ok, now?" Paul said. "Yeah. I think so," John said smiling. "I think we'll have to cancel the concert tonight," Ringo said. "Nonsense! I don't need this bed I'm perfectly fine," John said jumping out of bed and walking out the door. The others followed. Later John told them what had been happening to him lately and how he figured out the solution.


"Wait a minute, that can't be the end," John said.
"Yeah, what a weak ending!" Paul said.
"Well, I didn't think it was so bad," Ringo said.
"Thank you, Ringo, good boy," I say giving him a treat.
"Always writers pet," Paul and John say teasing him.
"Ah, lay off. It was a pretty weak ending though," George said.
"Well, what would make it better?" I ask crossing my arms.
"An explosion!" John says jumping up on a chair.
"No no, better an elephant attack!" Paul says.
"An elephant attack?!" I say.
"Yeah, then the elephant explodes!" John said.
"Well, I think the ending is just fine, it dosen't need any explosions or anything," Ringo said.
"How about if Ringo explodes," John says sitting down on the chair.
"I don't want to explode!"
"Yeah, Ringo. Kabam!" Paul says.
"Then George'd start crying. Oh, Ringo. He was so nice to everybody. Why why!" John says scooping Paul's head up, mocking George.
"Yeah, then I'd speak at his funeral. Our dear Richie who up and exploded one day at the hands of a writer for lack of a better ending. At least we won't have to put up with him anymore," Paul says as John dissolves into a fit of giggles.
"Alright, that's it. No more mister nice drummer!" Ringo says.
"Aw! Isn't he cute when he's mad, Paulie?" John says as they all walk past him.
"Yeah, you ol' softie," Paul says toussling his hair. Ringo sighs.
"I'm sorry, Ringo. Boy you sure showed them," I say patting Ringo on the back.
"Nobody ever takes me seriously." Ringo sits down on the floor.
"Hey, Ringo come and play with us!" John calls from outside. "Yeah, Ring you love frisbee!" Paul says tossing the frisbee to him. Ringo brightens and runs out to play.


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