Ringo's New Friend

Chapter 1.
It was an almost ordinary day in '67 for the Beatles. They had just finished the release of Sgt. Pepper and Ringo was driving home inaware of what was to happen later that night. Ringo unlocked the door and was greeted by the sound of his parrot squawking. "Hello, Baby" Ringo said handing it a cracker. Then he walked into the kitchen turning on the TV as he passed."We have some breaking news at this hour" the news woman said. "There has been a wave of alien sightings in the London area-" Ringo smirked and turned the channel. After cicleing channels about five times he got bored and turned it off. He let his bird out of it's cage and it flew out of a window he had left open. "Oh great" he said with a sigh as he picked up a flashlight to go look for it. "Baby! Baby!" Ringo was walking around in the dark woods. He couldn't see arms length in front of him. "Here Baby! Here bird!" Eventually he just gave up and decided to call John and tell him the bird was out again. "John....Yeah, you too..Look, John my bird got out again. Bring him back if you see him. Ok, bye, John" Ringo hung up and sat back in the chair. He fell asleep. He woke up that night to the sound of a large bang and a flash of light outside. He looked out his window. "What th-" the phone rang and Ringo jumped a mile and picked it up. "Hello? Oh, hi, John....Ok yeah I'll be over in the morning. Ta, bye." Ringo hung up and went outside to investigate the crash. When Ringo got there all he saw was a big heaping mass of broken light bulbs and metal. Ringo stepped a little closer and a little door opened. It wasn't much bigger than a dog door. A little humanoid creature stepped out. Ringo tried to run but tripped. The creature stepped back to look at the ship "Oh shit" it said. Then it passed out. Ringo carried him back home.
Ringo's New Friend chapter 2.
Ringo laid the creature on the couch. When the creature came to Ringo jumped onto a chair. "Where am I?" the creature said sitting up. Ringo reached for the phone but stopped himself. "Just treat it like a normal person" Ringo thought to himself standing up. He turned around and looked at the creature. It was now sitting up with it's legs crossed. "What's your name, alien?" Ringo said. "I prefer humanoid Being. My name is Zarloff Zambian" he said. "What's your name, human?" he asked. "Ringo" he said relaxing a little. Eventually Ringo fell asleep in the chair again. He woke up an hour later to a crashing sound coming from the kitchen. He went in and saw Zarloff on the floor with the refrigerator door open mixing left-overs in a mixing bowl and eating it with a big spoon. "Oh" Ringo said rubbing his eyes and going back to bed. The next morning...."Alright, now, I am going to work. You are staying here and not touching anything. Got that?" Ringo said pointing a finger at Zarloff. Zarloff just sat there with his legs crossed. "Now, when I get back I'll have a bird with me." Ringo walked out to the car and drove to the studio. "Where have you been?!" John immediately came after him. "Rough night" Ringo said sitting behind his drums. "How's my bird?" Ringo said. "I hate it" John said flatly, sitting at the piano playing a little melody."Are we ready?" George Martin came in over the loudspeakers. "No" George Harrison said. "Where's McCartney?" George Martin said. "Tea" John said pointing towards the door. "Well somebody go get him" George Martin said. "I'll do it" Ringo volunteered getting up and walking across the street. He found Paul in the coffee shop reading a book. "Hey, Paul" Ringo said. "What?" Paul said not looking up from his book. "There are three people and a producer waiting in the studio that you, obviously, abandoned" Ringo said pointing out the window. "Oh, yeah. Sorry, Ring" Paul said getting up and looking at his watch. "I got 'im" Ringo said walking through the door with Paul trailing behind. "Alright, ready?" George Martin said. "Yeah" George said.
A few hours later they were on brake. "John, I gotta go get my bird" Ringo said motioning for John. "Yes your magesty" John said following him out the door. Ringo and John got the bird and went back to Ringo's house. "Stay here, John" Ringo said getting out of the car. "Where am I gonna go?" John said. Ringo went in the house. "Zarloff?" Ringo calls. Ringo puts his bird back in the cage. He goes into the bedroom and sees Zarloff on the bed tearing pages out of a book. "What are you doing?!" Ringo yells jerking the book away. "I didn't like it." Zarloff shrugs and waddels off into the living room. Ringo hears a car pull into the driveway. He looks out the window and sees Maureen talking to John through the car window. "Maureen?!" He sees her wave bye to John and walk toward the house. Ringo gets out the front door just as she gets to the porch. "Maureen" Ringo says hugging her. "Richard" she says hugging him back. "What are you doing home?" he says. "It was cancelled. Did you miss me?" Maureen says trying to pull away. "Yeah. Wait here" Ringo says running back into the house. "Hey, what's this?" Zarloff says sticking his finger through the birds cage. "Hide!" Ringo screams pushing him into the basement and locking the door. "Ringo goes back outside and smiles nervously at Maureen. Maureen smiles back. "Hey, Ring we goin' or what?" John says throwing a burnt out cigarette on the ground. Ringo holds up a finger "Do you want to come with me to the studio?" he asks Maureen. "No, maybe later. I just want to go in right now" Maureen pushes past Ringo and into the house. "Alright" Ringo says and walks back to the car.
Ringo's New Friend Chapter 3.
The next morning Ringo wakes up and looks at Maureen laying beside him. "Good Morning" he says kissing her eye. She opens them "Good morning, Richard." Then he remembers he locked Zarloff in the basement. "I've got to show you something" Ringo says getting up suddenly in a panic. "But get dressed you might want to leave." Ringo walked down to the basement. "Zarloff, get up" he says. "I am up" Zarloff said sitting up. "Come on" Ringo takes his hand "That's one good thing about him," Ringo thought to himself as they walked up the steps "he's shorter than me." When they get to the top of the steps Ringo sees Maureen standing there with her hands on her hips. Then Zarloff sees her "Hey foxy lady" he says waddling up to her. Maureen screams "I'm leaving. I'm sorry, Richard I'll come back when that thing leaves!" Maureen runs out. "Humanoid being!" Zarloff calls after her. "Well, that went better than I thought" Ringo sits down on the couch and puts his head in his hands. "Now, what about my problem?" Zarloff says crawling up onto the couch beside Ringo. "What problem?" Ringo says. "I've got to get off this planet and back home" Zarloff says opening a window shade. "Oh yeah. Well any ideas?" Ringo says. "Yes one." Zarloff pauses. "Well?" Ringo asks impatiently. "Oh, I forgot. But I'm sure that John friend of yours knows" Zarloff says climbing back on the couch. "I can't show you to John! You'd destroy me life. And I've only got one" Ringo says. Then Ringo hears someone come in the door and George walks in. "Hey, Ring, Oh!" George jumped about ten feet in the air at the sight of Zarloff which made Zarloff jump. "George, hi" Ringo said nervously. "What the hell is that thing?!" George says pointing to Zarloff. "Um, George....well...um-" Ringo hesitates. "Well?" George says still eyeing Zarloff who was sitting with his legs crossed watching TV. "He won't hurt you. Just think of him as John" Ringo said. "I think I'll see you later. Without the creature" George said backing toward the door. Ringo follows him out into the yard. "George?" Ringo pleaded. "Ah!" George screams pointing to the door. Ringo looked and saw Zarloff standing in the doorway. Ringo turns George around. "Look, Ring I don't know what you do when I'm not around...." George trailed off and got in his car. "I hope you're happy now!" Ringo yells once inside the house. "I didn't ask you to get me out of the basement" Zarloff says. "Oooh" Ringo storms out. Zarloff follows him all the way down to the park. Ringo sits on a bench and sees a little figure out of the corner of his eye. "What are you doing here?" Ringo says. "I needed to get out of the house" Zarloff says. "Just go away" Ringo says walking towards the lake.
Ringo's New Friend Chapter 4.
Later that night Ringo was asleep when he heard the front door close. He got up and folowed the little waddling finger out the door and back to the woods. Zarloff opened the door to his spaceship. "Zarloff" Ringo said stepping toward him. "I'm 'going away' like you said. I'm going to live out here in my spaceship." Ringo shrugged and sleepily walked back home. So now Ringo goes to visit his new friend in the woods every now and then. Maureen came back and Ringo was able to convince George it was all a hallucination.

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