Ringo and the Case of the Missing Drumsticks

Chapter 2.

The next morning Ringo rolled right off the bed and into the floor. "Ah!" he sat up on his stomach. He decided to get up. He walked over to George's bed but he wasn't there. Then he went to John's bed but he wasn't there either. "Wonder where they could be" Ringo said to himself. He wondered off into the kitchen. He flipped on the light. "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" John, Paul, and George jumped up from the floor. "Aggggh!" Ringo almost fell over with surprise but Paul caught him in time. "We made you birthday pancakes" George almost yelled. "Cool it, George" John hit him on the back of the head. "Sorry." George sat down at the table. "You didn't make them did you?" Ringo asked. "No. I did" Paul said. Ringo ate the pancakes. After he finished he said, "Where're me presents?" looking up at John from his chair. "What presents?" John said. "Me birthday presents" Ringo said. "I didn't buy any presents. Did you, Paul?" John said looking at Paul. Paul shrugged "I didn't know of any presents." "Well, I didn't know of any presents. I just knew of the present we got you" George said presenting a set of keys. Ringo took them, wide eyed. "Come on, it's outside" John said smiling. They all went outside. Outside Ringo saw a silver and black motorcycle sitting in front of the door. Ringo jumped on it. John got his camera out of his pocket and took a picture. "You'll be sure to impress the ladies on that, Ring" George said. "Yeah, but you'll have to let me borrow it sometime" John said. They all laughed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Later that day at the studio Ringo received five more gifts from Brian Epstein and George Martin and three more from George, Paul, and John. "Alright, boys, time for practice" George Martin said. Ringo groaned. John just sat in his chair with his cap over his eyes. "Come on, Lennon" George Martin said hitting the bottom of John's feet. John decided he'd better go unless he wanted a harder wacking. George and Paul were already tuning their guitars. They recorded for four hours that day. On their break John decided to drive Ringo home to put his presents up then meet Paul and George at their favorite pub for lunch. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the pub John met Paul and George at the door. "Where's Ring?" Paul said. "Parkin' his bike" John said gesturing toward the back. Just then Ringo drove past them. "Come on, Ringo. We're hungry" Paul said. Ringo parked his bike in the back and walked in with the rest of them. "Look over there" John said nodding toward a table full of girls. "Mmmm very nice" Paul said. The girls came over to the table with a wrapped box. "Great" George said disgusted. "Um.....this is for you" the shy girl said handing the box to Ringo then running back to the table. All the girls erupted in giggles. Ringo unwrapped the box. In that was another box, he unwrapped that one. In it was a ring that said "Forever Ringo." He put it back in the box "If I had a nickle for every time I got one of those rings....." Ringo trailed off. "I got one of those the other day" John said picking the ring up and looking at it. After lunch they went back to the studio. When they got inside Ringo took Mal out ot show off his new motorcycle. "You can go home now. We won't need you anymore today" George Martin said. They all went home. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR RICHARD....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" John and Paul sang as George brought the cake into the living room. George sat the cake on the coffee table. Ringo blew out all 24 candles. John put on a Bob Dylan record. "That's cheery birthday music for ya" Paul said coming in with drinks for himself and John. "Here," Paul said taking the record off "let Ringo pick, it's his birthday." Ringo got up and almost fell over (he had already had four drinks before). He put on "Jailhouse Rock" and a few other singles. They stayed up till 3 am obliviously drunk. Playing, and sometimes breaking, records. They only went to sleep because they ran out of records.

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